No truth to exploding petrol tank reports – RAC

No truth to exploding petrol tank reports – RAC
Drivers worried about filling up their car with petrol during hot weather have nothing to fear, the RAC has confirmed.

As temperatures soar across the UK, reports circling online warn that topping up during a heatwave could lead to petrol tanks exploding.

Fake posts on Facebook and Whatsapp, which have been shared online for years, falsely claim that five cars have exploded in the last week as owners filled their tanks to the limit.

But the RAC has dismissed these claims as a social media hoax.

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In response to the rumours, RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis said: “There is no truth in this.

All fuel systems on passenger vehicles are designed to cope with any expansion of fuel, or vapour coming from the fuel.

There is no risk of explosion from filling up a fuel tank fully and drivers should have no concerns in doing so.

“We’d recommend people avoid the temptation to share misinformation like this via social media.”

Mr Dennis suggested that drivers top their tanks up fully whenever practical to do so, especially if heading out on long journeys.

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