New tech helps autonomous cars find their own parking space

New tech helps autonomous cars find their own parking space
Self-driving cars that can locate their own parking spaces have been unveiled in a new demonstration by the UK Autodrive project.

The vehicles boast two brand new autonomous parking-related technologies which enable them to identify the location of an available parking space and inform the driver.

The technology also sends the vehicle a heat-map – showing any available spots once it has entered a car park. It uses real time data from connected cars to show which spaces are vacant and which are filling up.

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The UK Autrodrive project was launched in 2015 with partners including Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC).

During a recent demonstration event in Milton Keynes, Jaguar Land Rover unveiled a prototype autonomous Range Rover Sport, which could not only identify and drive to an available parking slot, but self-park.

Jaguar Land Rover's chief engineer of automated driving, Joerg Schlinkheider said: “We're investing heavily in automated technologies to make our customers lives safer and more convenient.”

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The new developments could significantly reduce congestion on roads in the future, after Autodrive found 30% of urban traffic is caused by drivers on the hunt for parking spaces.

To help solve congestion problems in busy town centres, Autodrive is also looking into valet parking systems – through which autonomous vehicles will be able to drop off passengers at their destinations before moving off to park away from busy urban areas.

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