New London mayor 'must tackle congestion'

New London mayor 'must tackle congestion'

London's newly elected mayor has inherited a city where motorists in some areas are travelling more slowly than horse-drawn carts, the RAC says.

The motoring organisation is calling on Sadiq Khan to ensure that measures designed to combat congestion on the capital's roads are implemented as soon as possible.

Mr Khan has proposed promoting greener ways of travelling and a greater use of shared car clubs as ways to ease traffic congestion in London.

Commenting on what Mr Khan's election will mean for motorists and the challenges he is facing, the RAC's public affairs manager, Nicholas Lyes, says: "It's vitally important that London's new mayor quickly gets to grips with measures to tackle congestion motorists are suffering in London.

"Data suggests average speeds in some parts of the capital are at levels slower than the horse and cart era. Clearly, there needs to be a better balance of improving access for cyclists and reducing the impact this is having on motorists as well as a concerted effort to reduce the effects of road works on all road users."

Mr Lyes adds: "London's new mayor also faces calls to bring forward the Ultra-Low Emission Zone. The RAC believes the ULEZ in its current form strikes the right balance between a strong, robust plan to reduce air pollution whilst giving motorists and businesses sufficient time to replace more polluting diesel vehicles something cleaner.

"Bringing it forward is likely to penalise less well-off motorists and smaller businesses."

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