New hydrogen car 'will be sold in UK'

New hydrogen car 'will be sold in UK'

UK motorists will get a chance to buy Honda's new hydrogen car early next year, it has been announced.

The FCV Clarity is set to go on sale in Japan and the US over the next couple of months before being introduced in Britain in early 2017, the manufacturer says.

Although it looks similar to any other family car, the FCV Clarity's electric motor is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Honda says a full tank of hydrogen will give the car a range of more than 300 miles with refills taking about five minutes.

The new model's fuel cell is said to be a third more compact than the one on the FCX Clarity, the Japanese manufacturer's previous hydrogen vehicle.

It has not yet been announced how much motorists will be charged for the FCV in the UK but in the US it is expected to be marketed for the equivalent of about £42,000.

It is being forecast that US motorists who lease one of the cars, meanwhile, will be paying the equivalen t of just over £350 per month.

At the moment the UK only has a handful of hydrogen refuelling stations, although projects are under way to expand the network.

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