More bad weather on the way – RAC urges drivers to take extra care

More bad weather on the way – RAC urges drivers to take extra care
Thunderstorms, lightning and torrential downpours are causing widespread disruption to road traffic this week.

And with more severe weather on the horizon, the RAC is urging motorists to take extra care.

More than a month’s worth of rain fell in London in a single hour over the Bank Holiday weekend, while in parts of Kent some major roads became impassable on Tuesday afternoon after monumental downpours.

Stretches of the M2 had to be closed as flood water was cleared from the carriageways, and the A249 was shut to traffic between the M2 and M20.

At the height of the severe weather, Kent Fire and Rescue Service warned motorists to drive only “if necessary”.

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After a brief lull today (Wednesday), the Met Office is warning of a return to stormy conditions on Thursday and Friday.

RAC spokesman Pete Williams advised motorists: “Before setting out on a journey tomorrow we would recommend you take a moment to check your windscreen wipers are working, ensure that you have good depth of tread on your tyres and they are correctly inflated and use your sidelights in heavy rain.

“Conditions could be hazardous on motorways and dual carriageways so reduce your speed to suit the conditions and leave plenty of space between your car and the vehicle in front – remember your stopping distance is significantly increased in the rain.”

He added: “Avoid sharp acceleration and braking which could result in you losing control and getting in to a skid and take extra care when overtaking large vehicles which will create lots of spray which reduces visibility.

“On local roads watch out for flash floods and avoid driving into standing water particularly if you are uncertain of the depth.

“Also be very wary that large puddles which could be concealing potholes.”

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More than 40 flood alerts are still in place across much of southern and central England today, with residents urged to “be prepared”.

According to the Met Office, Thursday will start off with some heavy downpours affecting southern Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Humid air is expected to spark further thunderstorms as the day goes on, affecting “just about anywhere from the south of Scotland southwards”.

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