Low Traffic Neighbourhood cameras generate £2.5m after drivers caught out by scheme

Low Traffic Neighbourhood cameras generate £2.5m after drivers caught out by scheme
Fines from cameras in a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) run by Southwark Council in London have generated £2.5 million in revenue just three months after the scheme’s launch, data from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request reveals.

A large amount of fixed penalty charges have been issued to road users by three LTN cameras installed in Dulwich and one in Walworth.

In Dulwich Village, drivers have received 22,424 fines between January 11 and February 28 2021.

This will have amounted to more than £1.5 million in revenue with each driver having to hand over £65.

In Walworth a staggering 29,530 infractions have been captured using just one camera, generating more than £1 million worth of funds in just two months.

While 17% of fines in Walworth have been successfully appealed, Southwark Council has repeatedly insisted LTN schemes have been introduced to “keep residents safe.”

It said many of its camera-enforced LTN schemes were introduced after speaking with emergency services and listening to what local residents wanted to see on their roads.

But the local authority has subsequently had to make changes to its LTN schemes after their trial period, including to spare punishment of Blue Badge holders.  

Those with a badge – which allow motorists to park closer to their destination if they or someone they care for is disabled – in Dulwich Village or Walworth Low Traffic Scheme areas will now be eligible for exemption.

Southwark Council said: “LTNs are designed to make residential streets safer, encourage people to walk and cycle more and reduce air pollution.

“However, in the course of our work listening to people who live in the Dulwich Village and Walworth LTN trials, we have learned that Blue Badge holders may be disproportionately impacted by the schemes.

“Blue Badge holders often have reduced mobility, which can make walking and cycling much more difficult.

“In the interest of equality and in response to our residents, we are therefore inviting Blue Badge holders to register for an exemption.

“The exemption is to allow blue badge holders living in the LTN to travel with ease in their local area.

“Access to every property within the LTN remains available at all times for all road users.”

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