Level crossing drivers dice with death

Level crossing drivers dice with death

Road users are taking lives into their own hands with outrageous risks at level crossings, new British Transport Police (BTP) video footage has revealed.

BTP has released three films of near-misses as part of a safety campaign to warn motorists of the dangers around these areas.

None of the examples shown led to injuries. But the Leicestershire motorist depicted in one film received a £135 fine and six driving licence penalty points.

This driver is shown on Narborough rail tracks when the barriers have already come down. She is caught going forwards and backwards in a bid to edge to safety.

The near-miss footage is released to complement the new Operation Look awareness initiative. The joint Network Rail and BTP week-long campaign was launched on Tuesday, February 3.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "Too many lives are still being lost as a result of accidents at level crossings with six pedestrian fatalities and two road vehicle fatalities in 2013/14.

"Sadly, a third (10) of the 32 potentially higher risk train accidents that occurred in 2013/14 were collisions with road vehicles on level crossings and since 2004/05 collisions with road vehicles at level crossings have accounted for 29% of these potentially higher risk train accidents.

"The more that can be done to raise aware among motorists, pedestrians and cyclists not to take risks at level crossings, the better it will be for everyone."

Another of the clips shows a Dalcross pedestrian near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands casually strolling around the already in-place half-barrier crossing and only getting to safety just before the train passes.

A further video features a descending barrier knocking a bike rider off his saddle after he passed through warning lights in Derbyshire's Spondon.

Becky Warren, a BTP inspector, said it is simply not worth risking your life for the sake of shaving a couple of minutes off your journey time.

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