Expert tips for safe family driving

Expert tips for safe family driving

An expert has given his top tips on how to stay safe and keep the kids happy during family road trips.

In his latest piece of motoring advice for road safety charity the IAM, Britain's top advanced driver Peter Rodger advises parents or carers to introduce games that reward quiet behaviour without needing the driver's direct involvement.

He says in-car DVDs and games can be useful to keep the kids entertained but they should use headphones to avoid distracting the driver, while another tip is to have an adult in the back of the car with the kids to further take the pressure off.

Motorists who regularly use a reliablejourney planner will already know all about the importance of being organised for long journeys and Rodger suggests allowing more time for extra stops, taking plenty of food and drink with you and not forgetting a plastic bag in case of travel sickness.

Another top tip is never to deal with fighting kids while in motion but instead always pull over safely first.

And as ever, he urges drivers to leave plenty of space before the vehicle in front - "on the motorway, if you can read their number plate, you're driving too close", he says - as this will leave more time to spot hazards and keep your family safe.

"Kids can be noisy, disruptive and distracting, especially if they get bored. The trick is to keep them occupied as much as possible and to keep your attention on the road," says Rodger.

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