Drivers highlight lack of respect

Most drivers believed there was a lack of respect on the roads, with half complaining about the stress caused by the sound of car horns, according to a new report.

Research among 2,000 adults by AXA showed that two out of five had been the victim of road rage and said they felt stressed when another driver honked their horn at them.

But half of those questioned admitted they used their car horn in an aggressive manner while driving.

The study, launched as part of a campaign for greater respect among drivers, showed a lack of knowledge about when a car horn should be used, with two thirds of drivers unaware it was illegal to use a horn when a car was stationary.

A spokeswoman, said: "We hope this study will highlight the stress car horns can bring, and make people think twice about using their car horn aggressively.

"Pressing horns out of frustration is just one of the ways people show a lack of respect on the road. By highlighting the discourteous way in which people act when driving, our ongoing campaign aims to bring respect back onto the roads and improve driving experience.

"We're asking them to think about why they behave that way in their car, when they wouldn't act like that on foot."

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