Over a third of drivers fail MOT for skipping these simple car checks

Over a third of drivers fail MOT for skipping these simple car checks
Drivers are being urged to make simple car checks before their MOT – after new figures reveal over a third fail due to poor maintenance.

Of the 7.3 million MOT fails in 2017, around 2.5 million could have been avoided if motorists had given their vehicle the once-over beforehand.

The most common issue was poorly-adjusted headlights, accounting for a staggering 976,569 failures, closely followed by failing brakes with 921,534 fails.

The research, by consumer website Honest John, assessed more than 400 million MOT records from the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

It found the third most preventable failure was broken registration plate lights (912,246), while faulty side lights and insufficient tyre tread were also common complaints.

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According to recent DVSA figures, UK motorists pay out an average £325 to fix their car when it fails its MOT.

According to the survey, the top 10 causes of MOT failure are:

1Incorrect headlamp aim
2Poor brake performance
3Broken registration plate lamp
4Defective side lights
5Insufficient tyre tread
6Worn-out windscreen wipers
7Chipped or cracked windscreen
8Broken or corroded coil springs
9Headlights not working
10Missing windscreen washer fluid

Daniel Powell, managing editor of HonestJohn.co.uk, said despite the safety of the UK’s roads drivers are putting themselves in danger by failing to carry out basic vehicle maintenance.

He said: “We all know how annoying and dangerous badly-adjusted headlamps can be, yet in 2017 more than 970,000 cars failed the MOT because of this serious but easily remedied problem.

“The MOT Files shows that the majority of failure items are down to the owner, rather than an inherent fault with the car. Drivers can now use this information to ensure their car is not failing on something that can be easily and cheaply fixed beforehand.”

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