Driver resting foot on dashboard caught in unmarked lorry sting

Driver resting foot on dashboard caught in unmarked lorry sting
A lorry driver has been filmed resting his foot on the dashboard of his cab while checking his mobile, as part of a covert policing operation on Britain’s busiest roads.

The shocking video of the man driving at speed onto the M62 near Goole from the M18, has been released by Humberside Police to highlight prolific law breaking on A roads and motorways.

Over the past two years, more than 4,000 dangerous drivers have been recorded from the cab of an unmarked HGV, as part of a new road safety initiative run by Highways England.

Richard Leonard, Highways England's head of road safety, says the footage of the lorry driver is “particularly alarming”.

“I dread to think what would have happened if he had needed to brake suddenly,” he added.

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Officers inside the HGV cab use the overhead perspective to see into passing lorries and cars below, an angle that can’t be filmed from dashcams in regular patrol cars.

Anyone captured committing a motoring offence is then pulled over by uniformed police.

There have been 4,176 offenders filmed since the initiative launched in April 2015, with 838 motorists have been issued with fixed or graduated penalty notices.

One driver has been captured applying toothpaste to a toothbrush while driving, and another recording shows a man eating his lunch while simultaneously using his phone and steering the vehicle with his knees.

The undercover sting has also brought about 113 prosecutions for more serious offences.

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Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, National Police Chiefs' Council lead for roads policing, says the cab is a vital component of “intelligence-led operations against dangerous driving".

He added: "People have to think about the consequences of their actions. A moment's distraction can change innocent lives. It is never a risk worth taking."

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