Driver habits forced to change

Driver habits forced to change

Motorists in the UK are lowering their fuel costs by simply doing less driving, according to new research

Data from Halfords has shown that drivers are spending almost an hour and a half less on the roads and driving around 38 fewer miles than previously.

However, there is a positive consequence as 41% of the 1,300 drivers surveyed have said they are now walking or cycling more regularly.

These figures were taken from research in which Halfords asked volunteers to keep a record of their driving habits over a four-week period.

It also showed that many people in the UK are seeing their driving state-of-mind change and instead of driving to a friend's house at the weekend many are staying at home and doing a spot of gardening or shopping online.

A spokesman for Halfords Autocentres, Rory Carlin, said: "It is important to remember that servicing a car at intervals recommended by the manufacturer can actually save you money in the long run because this will help the vehicle function."

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