Distracted lorry drivers caught out in new photos

Distracted lorry drivers caught out in new photos
Alarming images of motorway lorry drivers reading, eating and sitting arms-crossed behind the wheel have emerged.

The Press Association has snapped several acts of distracted driving in recent days, involving those in charge of the most powerful vehicles on England’s fastest roads.

The evidence lends further strength to the argument that well-publicised cuts to the number of dedicated traffic police on the roads is giving drivers an inflated sense of invincibility.


Illegal distractions, including looking through paperwork and mobile phone use were all noted in the investigation, presenting the very real possibility of fatal lapses in concentration.

Images from PA

On the same Kent stretch of M20 alone, two lorry drivers were found reading, while one was holding a piece of cutlery and a food container, and another had his arms crossed and elbows on the steering wheel.

Another driver of a lorry on the M4 near Swindon looks at a piece of paper, while another uses a mobile phone near junction 46 of the M1 in West Yorkshire.

Mobile phone use behind the wheel was the subject of some illuminating RAC findings back in July, when a survey revealed that 40% of drivers say even causing an accident wouldn't stop them using a phone at the wheel.

Since March 1, and the introduction of stricter penalties for motorists caught at the wheel with their mobile, the RAC’s Be Phone Smart campaign has been asking responsible drivers to step up and make a promise to keep their devices out of reach while driving.

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Unmarked vehicles, including lorries, are been employed by police forces up and down the country to catch out drivers.

Surrey Police’s Pc Dan Pascoe says the use of an unmarked lorry could prove “invaluable” in the fight against illegal distractions, with the force catching 26 people in one day earlier this month.

He said: “If we can promote the fact that we're out in all different types of vehicles, whether it's an unmarked lorry, an unmarked van, an unmarked car, an unmarked motorbike, we'll use everything that we can as different tactics to deal with people.”

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