App to give drivers a view of the car from anywhere in the world

App to give drivers a view of the car from anywhere in the world
An innovative app currently in development will allow drivers to keep an eye on their car from their smartphone once they have parked their motor up.

The app is being developed by BMW for use with its forthcoming 5 Series car, which is yet to be officially unveiled by the manufacturer.

Thought to be based on the iDrive feature of the BMW Connected app, the smartphone tool provides a live-stream to the car’s 3D cameras.

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Drivers can use it to get an overhead view of their motor, no matter where they are in the world.

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And reports have suggested that the app could have additional capabilities too.

These include linking the car’s security features to a smartphone, so that drivers can respond quickly to potential break-ins.

It could also take the place of a traditional dash-cam and record crashes and collisions.

In a statement, BMW promised that the app would allow drivers to “always know what is happening around your vehicle”.

But the manufacturer did not give away too many details, simply stating: “The next generation of the BMW 5 Series with the BMW Connected feature ‘Remote 3D View’. Coming soon.”

It comes after BMW made an exciting announcement that looks set to increase the pressure on automakers rushing to create the next generation of driverless vehicles.

BMW said it was aiming to develop fully autonomous Mini cars that will be able to pick up drivers from any location at any time.

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Making the announcement at an event to mark the company’s centenary, BMW group said motorists would be able to call on a self-driving Mini “wherever they are, day or night”.

At the same event the manufacturer also revealed plans for its luxury Rolls-Royce subsidiary.

BMW unveiled proposals for a futuristic car that could define the future of luxury mobility and is the marque’s first ever pure ‘Vision Vehicle’.”

Ford has also recently put forward plans to have fully autonomous vehicles on the road by 2021.

The cars will be available through a ride-sharing service similar to the model developed by Uber.

Volvo and Fiat are just two of the other firms that have joined the race to develop self-driving vehicles.

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