New Toyota electric cars to offer 600-plus miles of range

New Toyota electric cars to offer 600-plus miles of range
New battery technology from Toyota will give future electric cars a range of 621 miles and a rapid charging time of 10 minutes or less.

The Japanese carmaker, which builds the Corolla, RAV4 and Yaris, is introducing the cutting edge technology to its new range of electric cars, which will go on sale in the UK over the next five years.

A new range of lithium-ion batteries will arrive 2026 and offer a 20% cost reduction, while increasing driving range to around 500 miles. However, it’s the development of all-solid-state batteries that could revolutionise electric cars in the UK.

Toyota solid-state lithium-ion batteries use a solid electrolyte that allows for faster movement of ions and a greater tolerance of high voltages and temperatures. These qualities make the batteries suitable for rapid charging and discharging and delivering power in a smaller form.

Toyota’s first solid-state battery is expected to offer a maximum range of 621-miles and a fast-charging time of 10 minutes or less, a figure that would surpass the 300 to 400 miles offered by the Mercedes-Benz EQS, Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2.

Until now, the trade-off for solid-state lithium-ion batteries has been an expected shorter battery life, but Toyota claims recent advances have overcome this challenge and the company has moved its focus to bringing solid-state batteries into mass production. The aim is for the batteries to be ready for 2027/28.

Toyota is already working on a higher specification li-ion solid-state battery, which it says will cover around 1,000 miles from single charge, but it isn't clear when this battery will reach the UK.

Liquid electrolytes are the current mainstream battery technology for electric cars sold in the UK and Toyota says it is working on all-round improvements, 

A new range of Performance lithium-ion batteries will provide a maximum range of 497 miles and offer a rapid charging time of 20 minutes or less. Toyota's claims its range of Popularisation (lithium iron phosphate) batteries will be 40% cheaper than the batteries currently used in the bZ4X.

In 2022, the UK registered its highest number of new electric cars in a single calendar year with 267,203 vehicles sold. A new record is expected to be set for electric car sales in 2023, with 238,554 vehicles already registered so far this year (January to September).

What do you think of Toyota's announcement? Would you buy an EV with a range of 600+ miles? Leave your comments below.

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