Half of electric vehicle owners would pave their front garden to make space for EV charging

Half of electric vehicle owners would pave their front garden to make space for EV charging
According to new research, nearly half of UK homeowners would consider paving over their front garden to make space for a charging station for an electric vehicle (EV).

The data from EO Charging discovered that 49% of the 2,000 drivers would remove their front garden in order to make charging their vehicle easier and more convenient.

However, 53% of respondents believe that turning front gardens into parking spaces needs to be addressed.

Interestingly, only 13% those surveyed stated that they already have an electric vehicle. Those living in London were the most likely to be EV owners, with 29% already making the switch to electric.

Out of the respondents who already own a EV 70% said they’d already altered their homes, gardens or driveways to help charging. Out of these people, 22% had reduced green space.

However, a further 28% of those surveyed are worried that an increase in EV charging will subsequently have a negative effect on their neighbourhood.

These include 42% of drivers concerned about charging cables running across the pavement.

Another 39% believe that a lack of off-road parking for EV charging is another major problem for EV owners.

For 55% of respondents, maintaining front gardens as green spaces are vitally important, as they allow rainwater to be absorbed by the soil. They are especially important in areas that suffer from flooding.

Charlie Jardine, CEO at EO Charging, said: “With the expansion of ULEZ around London and other cities likely to follow a similar path with congestion charging, more people living in the suburbs will benefit from choosing to drive EVs.

“This means the desire for home charging facilities will grow, putting more pressure on front gardens and neighbourhood green spaces.”

What do you make of the survey? If you are an EV owner – would you consider paving over your front garden to help with EV charging?

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