Meet Ami, the electric cube that 14-year-olds can drive

Meet Ami, the electric cube that 14-year-olds can drive
Could this all-electric cube on wheels be the answer to congested urban travel?

The Citroën Ami is a self-proclaimed ‘urban mobility object’ that's classed as a light quadricycle. That means it can be driven in France by anyone aged 14 or over without a full licence.

It's got a top speed of just 28mph, a 46-mile range, and at just 2.4 metres long and 1.4m wide, two of them can fit into a standard-sized parking space. 

In the first two weeks of sales 500 of the mini motors have already been snapped up. 

Convenience has been key for the car's initial spike in interest, with a battery that can be charged from a standard socket in just three hours.

Citroën’s Sylvie Krygier said: “It’s a recognition our transport habits and requirements are changing, and it’s accessible to almost everyone.”

Available to buy for €6,000 (£5,550) or with a €2,644 deposit and a €19.99 a month deal,1 the innovative Ami, or ‘friend’ in French, appears to already be proving popular with teens. Data shows 40% of the vehicle’s drivers are under 18.

A stripped back interior includes a monochrome display showing speed, battery level and remaining range along with smart storage solutions in place of a spacious boot.

Still not quirky enough? The Ami features doors that open in opposite directions and a slot for an Ami branded Bluetooth speaker. The French manufacturers have even launched an Ami-themed smartphone case and tennis shoes.

Citroen CEO Vincent Cobée said: “Ami’s trying to come and say, ‘You know what? We can go back to individual private mobility, which is clean, which is compact, and which is extremely affordable.

“Now, you add the current crisis, which will maintain a high level of anxiety, particularly around health and social distancing, and then Ami becomes even more relevant.”2

The company expects the vehicle to become even more popular as commuters maintain their social distance.

More than 30% of Ami users say they like using the smaller vehicles as a means of avoiding public transport, while most say its reduced CO2 emissions are an important factor.

So when will we see teenagers whizzing around our cities in these little cubes? Mr Cobée couldn’t confirm whether the Ami would be coming to the UK but did make clear he would “never say never”.

What do you think of the Ami? Let us know in the comments below.


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