What is a microcar? Are they available in the UK?

What is a microcar? Are they available in the UK?
If you have been driving in a major city recently, you may have seen increased levels of traffic, lack of space to park as well as emission zones for certain vehicles. Could the answer to these problems be a microcar?

Although they have technically been available since the 1940s, microcars have yet to become a popular option for drivers in the UK.

This guide looks at all you will need to know about these vehicles.

What is a microcar?

A microcar is the smallest car you can buy today, that normally comes with either three or four wheels, and a very small engine.

They have also been referred to as bubble cars, invacars, and quadricycles.

Although there have been some exceptions over the decades, microcars typically weigh less than 500 kilograms, have one or two seats, and have a maximum speed of around 50mph.

Microcars also have an engine capacity of less than 700cc. Typically they range from 300cc to 500cc.

Some of the benefits include lower tax rates and insurance costs, fewer regulations, and are perfect for city living.

Due to their size, they have a small range of travel before they need refuelling or charging.

However, they are still very environmentally friendly options for drivers.

Microcars for sale in the UK

Although they are not commonly seen on UK roads, there are some options available for drivers to buy.

Here are some microcars you can buy today:

In order to drive some of these on UK roads, you will need an AM category licence. You can have this licence from the age of 15 years and nine months – and is classed as a ‘light quadricycle’.

However, they will need to weigh less than 350kgs and have a top speed of 28mph or less.

Can you drive a microcar on a UK driving licence?

Yes, you can drive a microcar on a UK driving licence. All versions of microcar available to buy in the UK, do not need a different licence or require you to pass any other tests.

Once you have passed your driving test, you will gain an ‘AM Licence’, which allows you to drive any microcar.

Can you drive a microcar on a UK motorbike licence?

Yes, you can drive a microcar on a UK motorbike licence – however, it must fit the AM category. This is a three-wheeler that weighs less than 350kg and has a top speed of 28mph.

You will need a category B1 licence to drive quadricycles and other microcars.

Electric microcars – the future of city driving?

Over the last few years, there have been various start-up companies looking to build and sell electric microcars in the UK.

Although few of these companies are set to launch, it is likely that there could be more in the future.

Would you like to buy a microcar in the future?

With Ark, Microlina, and Biro all looking to appear on UK roads in the near future, could you be driving one in the years to come?

If you have any questions about microcars, then please leave them in the comments below.

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