The RAC's guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse

The RAC's guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse
"It's here, the inevitable has finally happened, there's been a zombie apocalypse - why weren't we prepared?!"

We are aware of the many modern-day issues motorists currently face - potholes, Parking Charge Notices, increasing LEZs, the ever-growing threat of zombies - and, as such, we do our very best to keep you all informed and up-to-date with the most extensive body of driving advice around, or so we thought... 

Clearly there has been an omission within our extensive backlog of driving advice and it has become spookily apparent to us lately that this needs rectifying.

So, here at RAC Tower House (see even the name of our building sounds like something from a comic book) we have decided to pool our resources and create a complete guide on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

We have even developed a personality quiz so you can to find out what type of zombie survivalist you are first before receiving your very own appropriately tailored advice. 


Ha! You scoff. That will never happen how ridiculous. But wait a minute, ask yourself this... What if it does?

Suddenly it all makes sense.

You realise why they keep relentless churning out series of the Walking Dead, why they keep remaking near perfect George A. Romero movies, why they keep reviving the Resident Evil franchise - not to cash in on the stuffed rotting zombified cash cow that is the zombie genre, but actually to beat you over the head with potentially life-saving advice. 

With that in mind, here is our incredibly sensible, thoroughly helpful and deadly serious guide on how to survive a zombie apocalypse - for motorists. 

First thing's first...

Take our personality quiz to find out exactly what kind of zombie-apocalypse survivalist you are.





Personality 1: A run and hider

There's no shame in wanting to save your own skin when scores of the undead are trying to eat it.

Yes, of course your first instinct is to hide, but it's not that simple, for instance, how do you get to your secure hiding place in the first place?

You can't run, obviously - parading your succulent flesh about to those who want to feast on it, you might as well cover yourself in barbecue sauce and spin on a rotisserie grill.

No, use your brain, your fully functioning (and apparently delicious) brain to find a suitable vehicle to fuel your escape.

So, to help you prepare before the apocalypse strikes, here are our recommendations for the top cars to help you escape the zombies. 

We have offered four options, each with pros and cons including our top pick of the bunch.


1. Toyota Mirai - the outsider's choice

  • 1 Pros
    • Hydrogen-powered, so is super clean
    • Range of 312 miles
    • Looks weird, in a zombie fighting machine kind of way
    • Instant torque, which is great for acceleration
  • 2 Cons
    • There’s only a handful of hydrogen fuel stations in the UK
    • It costs £66,000, which isn’t exactly cheap
    • Good luck finding one
    • Good luck fixing one

2. Citroen C4 Cactus BlueHDi 100 S&S - the poser's choice

  • 1 Pros
    • 91.1mpg
    • Airbumps to provide protection from zombie attacks
    • Lightweight and nimble
    • Has a massive glovebox for storing snacks and supplies
  • 2 Cons
    • Unlikely to achieve the claimed mpg
    • Airbumps designed for supermarket trolleys, not the undead
    • It looks about as intimidating as a fluffy kitten

3. Peugeot 208 BlueHDi 75 S&S - the sensible choice

  • 1 Pros
    • 94.2mpg
    • Readily available
    • Small steering wheel - good for maneuverability
  • 2 Cons
    • About 60mpg is more likely
    • Touchscreen can be fiddly to use, meaning operating the sat nav might be tricky in a crisis of the zombie kind
    • Not as well built as a German supermini



There's no doubt these are all good cars to escape a marauding army of zombies in. For us, however, there's only one real choice.

It would of course be the second generation Nissan Micra, preferably the pre-1997 K11 original version. 

We know what you're thinking, but hear us out first in the car's pros list below.

4. Nissan Micra, K11 - the unsung hero

  • 1 Pros
    • It is bullet proof, these things run forever and nearly never breakdown
    • Light, comfortable and a surprisingly good drive
    • They’re so simple you can fixed most issues (which there of course never will be) yourself
    • They are small with good handling - excellent for navigating around twitching amputated body parts and decapatated zombie heads
    • They’re cheap, you can probably pick one up for a couple of hundred quid - and easy to find, so it’s well worth buying one just in case Z-Day hits
  • 2 Cons
    • There aren’t any
    • No really there aren’t any
    • Ok fine, there are some…
      • It’s not the fastest thing in the world but fine for running away from idle Walking Dead stlye zombies (disclaimer, may struggle against rapid World War Z/28 Days Later zombies)
      • It’s economical sure, but it doesn’t have the largest fuel capacity

Personality 2: A zombie slayer

Just like our favourite zombie slayer Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead you ain't afraid a no zombie! These ultimate zombie fighting machines are perfectly suited to your personality, should you find yourself slap-bang in the middle of a human race genocide scenario involving zombies, of course.

As you're clearly the type to go ploughing into the living dead in an attempt to take out as many as possible, these beasts will serve as your perfect partner.

However, be warned you might need to get saving for some of them now (they're a little expensive) so fingers crossed the apocalypse doesn't happen for a few years.


1. Toyota Hilux - the dependable hero

  • 1 Pros
    • Virtually indestructible, as seen on Top Gear
    • Common throughout the world
    • Not overly expensive
    • Excellent off-road ability
    • Huge load space for carrying equipment
    • 3,500kg towing capacity
  • 2 Cons
    • Not the most efficient of vehicles
    • The government may think you’re about to start a revolution

2. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 - the executive's choice

  • 1 Pros
    • Huge 15.75-inch ground clearance
    • You can drive over zombies
    • Ability to ford water as deep as 40 inches
    • Six-wheel drive is better than four-wheel drive. Fact
    • 5.5-litre V8 engine producing 560lb ft of torque
  • 2 Cons
    • You might need a ladder to climb into the cabin
    • The small matter of the £400,000 price tag
    • Negotiating narrow British streets might be tricky

3. Lamborghini LM002 - the anti-hero's choice

  • 1 Pros
    • It’s a Lamborghini SUV!
    • A 450hp V12 engine
    • Optional 77 gallon fuel tank available
    • It’s dubbed the ‘Rambo Lambo’
    • Bespoke Pirelli run-flat tyres
  • 2 Cons
    • You can expect fuel economy in the single figures
    • The zombies will think you’re in a Hummer
    • Many were bought by some unsavoury characters
    • If it goes wrong you’ll never be able to find someone to repair this thing


This is our top pick because... Well just because. Look at it! 


Forget zombies, this thing could literally start and finish world war three on its own.

Don't forget what we said about saving your pennies though, and we dread to think what the insurance for this thing costs.

Ok it might not be a realistic option (strange seeing as this article is based on the very height of realism) but it's certainly the most impressive - see for yourself.

4. Paramount Marauder/Dead Reckoning - the beast

  • 1 Pros
    • This thing laughs in the face of zombies
    • 4,500kg payload
    • Able to carry extra fuel tanks, water and combat supplies
    • Day/night vision devices available
    • Crew of 2 in the front, 8 in the rear
    • Protection up to 8kg TNT under the hull
    • Protection up to 14kg TNT under the wheel
    • Cabin is protected against kinetic attack
  • 2 Cons
    • You’ll need £500,000
    • Not available from your local used car dealer
    • Not the nimblest of things, although you can drive through most obstacles

Personality 3: The helper

The true altruist, well done because while there are no right answers to our personality quiz, you have definitely selected all the right answers to our personality quiz.

You are willing to put your life on the line for others, sacrifice yourself for the greater good, do the right thing and help preserve the human race - you're generally a good egg.

But what happens to an egg when you throw it at a group of zombies?

We'll give you a clue, it splats.

So you will need an excellent accompanying vehicle to help save others during your endeavours for the greater good, here are our options.


1. SsangYong Rodius - the humble choice

  • 1 Pros
    • Available with 5, 7, 9 or 11 seats
    • Its styling might scare a zombie into submission
    • Cheap, because many people can’t look beyond the styling
    • 875 litres of boot space, extending to 3,043 litres
    • Strong Mercedes-Benz engines
  • 2 Cons
    • You have to look at it
    • A zombie attack might be preferable to driving it
    • If this is to be your last drive, would you want to do it in a Rodius?

2. Daihatsu Hijet MPV - the conspiracy theorist's choice

  • 1 Pros
    • Six seats
    • Tiny dimensions make it great for escaping a zombie-filled city
    • Cheap to run
    • Easy to repair
    • When playing hide and seek with a zombie, you won’t struggle to find a hiding place
  • 2 Cons
    • Cramped accommodation
    • Not exactly a whippet off the line
    • It might topple over when cornering
    • Your spine might wish you had opted for something different

3. Volvo 240 GLT 7-seater - the bourgeoisie choice

  • 1 Pros
    • The rear-facing child seats will be great for keeping an eye on attacks from the rear
    • Huge boot
    • Legendary Volvo safety credentials
    • 2.1-litre turbocharged engine provides a surprising turn of pace
    • You can drive into most things
    • Easy to repair at the roadside
  • 2 Cons
    • You might need to make regular stops for fuel
    • It’s so middle class, you’ll be tempted to stop at Waitrose
    • Rust might be an issue


While we wouldn't dream of making the decision for you, we recommend the Land Rover 110 12-seater.


This is the most rugged yet quintessentially British piece of all-round performing equipment you could want in any crisis (even in one as uncouth as this).

Imagine being surrounded by the rotting masses when at the very last second this rocks up, smashing its way through the bodies to come to your aid complete with a Bear Grylls or Emily Blunt type hanging out the driver's door shouting "Tally Ho" before wrestling you into the car and whizzing you off to safety. Doesn't that paint an exciting picture?

4. The Land Rover 110 12-seater - the British hero

  • 1 Pros
    • It’s what the Queen would drive in the event of a zombie attack. Probably
    • Can seat up to 12 people
    • Excellent off-road ability
    • Readily available
    • Easy to fix at the roadside
    • Body panels can be removed and replaced in an instant
    • Great for towing fellow escapees out of trouble
  • 2 Cons (in the name of fairness we will outline the few there are but we're not happy about it):
    • Not the easiest thing to drive/handle
    • 11 passengers means more back seat drivers