Five of the most British road rage incidents

*warning these videos do contain offensive language*

From passive aggressive stiff-upper-lip antagonisists to fully raging barrel-chested potty-mouths these videos encapsulate and perfectly portray a number of British stereotypes caught in the volatile midst of their escalating road-rage.

These brits-on-the-road each in their own way show a uniquely identifiably - but no less melodramatic - means of venting their frustrations at their fellow road users and fortunately because of the revolutionary technology of dash cams we are able to share their pain - with no little pleasure taken ourselves of course.

1. First up, a clip called the most British road rage accident ever?

This is the perfect combination of purse-lipped passive aggression combined with good old-fashioned stubbornness as the pair lock horns in a battle of angry British politeness of epic proportions.

The person filming remains very calm, we suspect aided by his quiet desperation to conceal his excitement at how many views his personal Youtube account will get later.

2. Instant karma for road rage against cyclist

This clip sees a raging road user receive an instant hit of Karma (literally) as he gets out of his car to chase down the panicking cyclist who was simply arguing his point about, you know, not wanting to be run over.

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3. This clip titled, Road Rage In Britain Is Delightful, really is just that, delightful.

The almost cringeworthy over-niceness that deflates an otherwise potentially volatile situation is a real testament to the British public’s ability to reconsider their actions and see the error of their ways - nothing to do with the aggressor spottin g the camera filming him of course.

4. The title, Road Rage UK -2013-( edited version for mobiles), tells you all you need to know about this clip really.

From the meticulous time the victim has taken to edit the video for mobiles - including subtitles and sad faces, to the precise to the point of boring title he has labelled the file - this video is not just a shining example of bad driving from the purpetrator, but also a brilliantly British response to the experience from the victim.

5. Because no road rage list would be complete without the infamous big Ronnie Pickering

In case you haven’t already seen it here’s the notorious man himself, and if you don’t already know whatever you do don’t tell him that.

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