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Car Rescue Insurance

Breakdown cover can be invaluable. If you’re lucky, you may rarely need it but there could be that one occasion when your car breaks down, leaving you stuck at the roadside or in the middle of nowhere, and it really comes into its own. Having breakdown cover means you have someone to call; someone to come to the rescue and provide much-needed expert help.

However, what if you’re not in the car when you need that help? What if it’s a partner, or one of your children, driving the family car when it breaks down? Well, that’s where car rescue insurance - or vehicle breakdown cover as it’s also known - comes in. If you have this type of breakdown cover, whoever is driving the car when the problem occurs can still call for assistance.

Let’s take a more detailed look at how car rescue insurance works.


What Is Car Rescue Insurance?
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Benefits Of RAC Car Rescue Insurance
Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Car Rescue Insurance?

Car Rescue Insurance is a type of breakdown cover that applies to a specific, named vehicle instead of a person. It’s useful because it means that the vehicle has breakdown cover applied to it, so anyone who’s driving it when it suffers a breakdown is covered and can call for support and assistance.

Compare Car Rescue Insurance

There are typically two types of breakdown cover - car rescue insurance, or vehicle rescue insurance, and what’s usually known as personal breakdown cover.

The difference is clear. Car or vehicle applies to a particular vehicle, while personal applies to a single person, an individual. There are pros and cons to each, so which type you opt for is really down to you and personal preference.

If you only drive one vehicle - or if you’re a single-car household - then car rescue insurance might be your best option. It’s usually cheaper than personal breakdown cover. Also, if everyone in the family is insured to drive the car specified in the policy, everyone will be covered in the event of a breakdown  . Even if you have several cars in the family home, you could look at vehicle-based cover in the form of a multi-car breakdown policy.

Personal cover has its advantages too, though. If you drive more than one car regularly, personal cover means you’re entitled to breakdown cover whichever car you’re driving at the time of an incident. However, it also has another advantage. If you’re travelling as a passenger in any car, you can call on breakdown cover too. So, if you’re travelling with a friend, who is driving their car, and it breaks down, you can call on breakdown cover.

The choice is yours, and depends on many factors. You can read more about the two different types of breakdown cover here, in our complete guide.

Benefits Of RAC Car Rescue Insurance

The RAC isn’t the only provider of vehicle-based breakdown cover, so there is plenty of choice available for those looking for a good deal. Bear in mind, though, that cheap breakdown cover may not be cost effective if you don’t get a good service, and it’s worth considering some of the benefits that RAC membership bring.

These benefits include the RAC’s roadside record of fixing four out of five vehicles within 30 minutes, on average; the fact that its patrol vans are equipped with over 500 parts and tools, including a universal spare wheel, and its ratings on TrustPilot. The RAC is reviewed and rated by its members - people who have used its services. Why not take a look at the TrustPilot scores for yourself?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The RAC have several different types of breakdown cover available, so it’s really down to personal preference and choice as to which suits you best. Vehicle breakdown cover is assigned to a particular vehicle; personal breakdown cover to an individual. Read more about the types of rescue insurance packages and cover available here.

Am I covered in Europe?

To be covered in Europe, you’ll need to have European breakdown cover. This is a separate breakdown cover policy; even if you have UK cover with the RAC you’ll need to add European cover as well. The good news is that European breakdown cover with the RAC is flexible, available for the duration of a single trip and even for just a single day.

Should I get vehicle rescue insurance or personal cover?

That’s completely up to you and depends on your personal circumstances. If you only drive one car, then vehicle rescue insurance could be the best option for you, and vehicle-based membership is generally cheaper than personal cover. 

Am I covered in other vehicles?

No - not if you take vehicle rescue insurance. You’ll only be covered in that specific, named vehicle. If you regularly drive more than one car, you might be better off obtaining personal based cover - which means that you are covered in other vehicles. Even those you’re travelling in as a passenger.