Am I eligible for RAC Breakdown Cover?

Vehicle Eligibility

RAC UK Breakdown Cover is available to members when they are travelling in a car, motorised caravan, van or pickup or car derived van, minibus or motorcycle which complies with the specifications below:

Max Weight (gross) Max Length Max Width
Vehicles 3.5 Tonnes 6.4 metres long (including tow bar) 2.55 metres wide
Caravans/Trailers* 3.5 Tonnes 6.4 metres long(including tow bar) 2.55 metres wide
Pickups/Trailers/Car-derived Vans 3.5 Tonnes 6.4 metres long (including tow bar) 2.55 metres wide
*If you require cover for towing a caravan over 7 metres please consider our Arrival product

Other excluded vehicles include:

  • Mobility scooters
  • Vehicles being demonstrated or delivered under trade plates
  • Any caravan or trailer unless the motorised vehicle has broken down
  • Any vehicle which is used on a "hire or reward" basis (for example taxis and private hire cars). See our Business Breakdown cover page for cover packages for business vehicles
  • Vehicles which have broken down anywhere other than on a public highway, or area of public right of access
  • Vehicles which were broken down or unroadworthy at the time of joining or upgrading your membership
  • The transportation of any vehicle or trailer which contains horses or livestock

Please read the full General Conditions section of the Terms and Conditions (PDF) for more information


Q. Do you provide breakdown cover for imported cars?
Yes, but only if the vehicle fits specifications outlined in the RAC Terms and Conditions (PDF). General conditions and exclusions are also covered in the terms and conditions.
Q. Will my motorbike be covered as standard?

All RAC Breakdown packages give the same level of Motorbike Breakdown cover as standard, providing they have an engine capacity of 49cc or over and are within our standard vehicle specifications.

In addition, we will supply a bike trailer or low loader for recovery, if required. We also cover licensed, taxed and tested quad bikes, and trikes as standard.

Q. Can I cover 10 or more cars?

Yes, RAC Business Breakdown covers vehicles from 1-99. For details of the services we provide, please see our Business Breakdown cover page for more details.

Q. Is there any age restriction on vehicles you will cover?

No, we cover vehicles of all ages.  The only exception is our Battery Replace breakdown extra product which is only available to purchase on vehicles less than 15 years old and with mileage less that 150,000.

RAC contact options

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