Breakdown add-ons from £3 per month

With our breakdown add-ons, you can enhance your cover for even more reassurance on the road. So whether you accidentally lose your keys or break down while on holiday in Europe, we can be there.


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European Rescue

Driving in Europe? Make sure you're covered from only £96

Why add European Rescue?

Upgrade your cover with European Rescue for peace of mind when driving on the continent. We can keep you moving or if we can’t get you fixed whilst you’re away, we’ll arrange for you, your family and car to get back to the UK

We'll provide...

  • Assistance at the roadside in the event of a breakdown in Europe
  • Whilst your vehicle is repaired you can choose from either a hire car up to £125 per day (overall limit £1,500), or accommodation up to £50 per person per day (overall limit £500)
  • Spare parts, sourced and delivered
  • Garage labour costs covered up to £1501
  • Bringing the vehicle back to the UK in the event that we cannot repair the vehicle2
  • 1 claim in the UK and 1 claim in Europe, per trip, up to a maximum of 3 claims per year
  • If your vehicle breaks down in the UK up to 48 hours prior to your planned departure, you're covered for a hire car for up to 6 days to continue your journey to Europe
  • You're covered for up to 9 people, and towing a caravan or trailer in 49 countries across Europe

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Key Exclusions

  • Repatriation costs covered only up to the market value of the vehicle, providing the vehicle cannot be repaired before your departure date and the vehicle is not beyond economical repair
  • If you have an annual policy your journey must be no longer than 90 days
  • Journeys must start and end in UK and cover must be purchased in the UK, before your trip begins
  • 1£150 is for repairs completed the same day as the breakdown
  • 2Providing the vehicle is not beyond economical repair
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Key Replace

Cover for new keys and locks up to £1,500 including reprogramming from £3 per month or £36 per year

Why add Key Replace?

Avoid the unexpected cost of replacement keys if yours are lost, stolen or accidentally broken. To keep you mobile we will even arrange for a hire car if you are unable to use your car

We'll provide...

  • The cost of replacing lost, stolen or broken house/car keys (the breakage must be sudden, unforeseen and an unexpected event)
  • Covers up to £1500 per membership year
  • A hire car up to £80 to keep you mobile
  • Re-programming of the electrics so your locks, alarm and immobiliser still work
  • New locks of the same standard if we assess there is a security risk

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Key Exclusions

  • Vehicles used for business use or covered under a motor trade insurance policy.
  • Keys broken due to wear and ageing.
  • Loss, theft or breakage reported more than 30 days after the event
  • Any claim made within the first 14 days of the start of your Key Replace cover.
  • Claims where you are unable to provide evidence that you own the keys.
  • Costs, other than replacement costs where there are duplicate keys available.
  • Replacement of an insured key within the first 3 days of the date of the loss, unless we agree.
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Battery Replace

We'll deliver and fit an RAC replacement starter battery. Cover from £3 per month or £36 per year

Why add Battery Replace?

If you breakdown due to a faulty starter battery and we confirm a replacement is required, we will replace the battery at no extra cost.

We'll provide...

  • The cost of a new starter battery
  • Fitting of the starter battery
  • Safe disposal of the unserviceable battery
  • Cover up to a maximum of £600 per nominated vehicle per year

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Key Exclusions

  • Only Starter batteries are covered.
  • Cover is for nominated vehicles only.
  • Hybrid or electric vehicles not covered.
  • Any claim made within the first 14 days of the start of your Battery Replace cover.
  • Only for vehicles less than 15 years old and with mileage less than 150,000.
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Tyre Replace

We’ll pay for replacement tyres if you have accidental, malicious damage or puncture to your tyres, from £6 per month or £72 per year

Why add Tyre Replace?

If you breakdown and the cause is related to accidental damage, malicious damage or puncture to any of your tyres we will send help to support and get your tyres repaired or replaced

We'll provide...

  • A repair on the tyre or
  • A replacement tyre through our tyre garage network
  • Cover up to £150 per tyre for 5 tyres^
  • Wheel balancing and disposal of replaced tyre included within cover

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Key Exclusions

  • Cover is for nominated vehicles only.
  • Does not cover tyres below legal tread or wear & tear
  • Any claim made within the first 14 days of the start of your Tyre Replace cover.
  • Tyres on a motorhome, kit car, motorcycle, quad, trike, caravan or trailer, imports or modified vehicle.
  • Incorrect maintenance of your vehicle such as tyre pressure, wheel alignment
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  • European Rescue is only available as an annual payment. Battery Replace, Tyre Replace and Key Replace claims made within the first 14 days are not covered. Please read our full terms and conditions.
  • ^ Additional level of tyre cover available for tyres up to £350. Please contact us for more information.

  • Please read our full breakdown cover terms and conditions. Our full terms and conditions apply.