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Breakdown Cover Deals From RAC

If you drive a car, it’s highly likely that you’ll be involved in a vehicle breakdown at some point - even if it’s something as minor as a flat battery first thing in the morning. That’s why many motorists have breakdown cover, a policy that means they can call for assistance if there is a problem with their vehicle and they need to get help.

If you’re looking for breakdown cover, there are lots of providers available. But, if you’re in the process of researching breakdown cover deals, you should be aware that not all cover is the same - it can vary provider by provider. Best breakdown cover deals aren’t necessarily those that are the cheapest in terms of price - you need to ensure you’re getting the best value out of your membership, too.

You should take a look at a wide range of the offers available when you compare breakdown cover deals. RAC breakdown cover is competitively priced and includes some options that you may find useful.


Family Breakdown Cover Deals

If you’re a family with more than one car, a family or multi-car breakdown cover policy might be a recommended option for you. It’s a simple and cost effective way of getting everyone covered.

With family breakdown cover, you can have up to five different members of the family named on the same policy. Having all members of the household on one joint membership instead of several individual policies can save money and still provide comprehensive cover for everyone.

Multi-car breakdown cover is another option. This is when you have cover for several vehicles, all on the same policy. So, as an example, if both parents have a car each, and their son or daughter also drives and has their own car, you could get a multi-car breakdown policy - with the RAC, you can get cover for up to three different cars.

Read more about family and multi-car breakdown cover here.

Free At Home and Key Replace

As you research car breakdown cover deals, you might find extra incentives and special offers from some providers that add increased value. Don’t expect these to be constant - many are short term offers, and often seasonal, so bear that in mind if you want to take advantage of them.

New members taking out the RAC’s breakdown cover can add two free extras with an existing offer. Take out roadside cover, in either personal breakdown cover or vehicle breakdown cover. Recovery is an enhanced level of cover that entitles you to have your vehicle towed to anywhere in the UK mainland if it can’t be fixed at the roadside.

At Home gives drivers cover if they experience a breakdown either at home, or within 1/4 mile of their home address. This is really useful; one in three breakdowns actually happen at home, very often with cars failing to start in the morning - and particularly in winter. Key Replace provides cover for new keys and locks if you lose yours, or if they’re broken or stolen And, if you can’t use your car in the interim period, you’ll get a hire car until your keys or locks are replaced or reprogrammed.

Build your ideal breakdown cover with the RAC - get a quote online here.

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