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Emergency Assist breakdown cover vs RAC

Breakdown cover is sometimes the service you think you can manage without - until your car breaks down on the way to that important business meeting or en route to the airport, to start the long-awaited family holiday. A car breakdown can happen at any time, and often at the worst possible time, so it’s no surprise that so many people choose to take out breakdown cover.

If you’re just starting to look for breakdown cover, the good news is that there’s plenty of choice. There are a range of breakdown cover providers, offering lots of different packages. The RAC is the UK’s most experienced breakdown cover provider, established in 1897, but how does it compare to a newer provider? Emergency Assist was founded in 2017.


Cover - what’s included?
Brand & Reliability
Level of breakdown cover

Emergency Assist Cover - what’s included?

When choosing your breakdown cover, cost isn’t the only thing you should consider. Everyone has a budget to work with, so the cover needs to be affordable. But you should also look into the service you get with each breakdown cover provider. Here’s what’s included with certain types of breakdown cover packages from the RAC compared to Emergency Assist.

  RAC Emergency Assist

Hire car period available with Onward Travel cover

Up to 3 days

24 hours

Personal based memberships available



Key cover available as an optional extra



Monthly contracts available

Yes No

RAC source - breakdown cover
Emergency Assist - https://www.emergencyassistltd.co.uk/

Brand and Reliability

As Britain’s most experienced provider, the RAC have been championing motorists for over 125 years. We’re equally proud that 4 out of 5 customers who experienced a breakdown would recommend our service to family and friends.

RAC patrols fix four of out five broken down vehicles, at the roadside, within an average of only 30 minutes.

Breakdown cover from the RAC has been awarded a 5-Star rating by Defaqto  *.

Emergency Assist’s Premium Cover    has been awarded a 3-Star rating by Defaqto**.

*5 star rating refers to the RAC’s Roadside Recovery, At Home & Onward Travel offering
** 3 star rating refers to Emergency Assist’s Ex Misfuel, Keys & Unlimited Call Outs offering

RAC: Defaqto ratings
Emergency Assist: Defaqto ratings

Level of breakdown cover 

Both the RAC and Emergency Assist offer a range of breakdown cover packages, allowing you to build your perfect level of cover. Here’s what each level of cover provides:




Unlimited callouts Unlimited callouts

Roadside Assistance
We’ll fix you on the spot, or recover you to a local garage within 10 miles

Roadside Assistance
We’ll fix you on the spot, or recover you to a garage
We’ll rescue you if you break down at home 
We’ll rescue you if you break down at home 
20-mile taxi
We’ll reimburse you for the cost of a taxi from the garage
20-mile taxi
We’ll reimburse you for the cost of a taxi from the garage
If we can’t fix you, we’ll tow you to any garage or destination in the UK


Emergency Assist

Saver Cover

This provides roadside assistance 1/4 mile or more away from your home. If your vehicle can’t be fixed, you’ll be towed to a garage within 25 miles.

Premium Cover

This has all the benefits of Saver cover with additional services, including national recovery, homestart - help if you break down at home or within 1/4 mile of it - and onward travel.

Complete Cover

This is Emergency Assist’s most comprehensive level of cover, adding cover in any EU member state country.

Source: https://www.emergencyassistltd.co.uk
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