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Animate It! Software

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Aardman has teamed up with leading software publisher Kudlian Software to create this fantastic stop-frame animation software. Animate It! allows you to create your own stop-frame animated movies easily and quickly. All you need to do is download the software, plug in a webcam, grab a character and get animating!

  • Plug in webcam
  • Grab a model
  • Get animating


Everything you need to make animated movies

  • Capture from any Webcam Use the software to take images using a USB webcam to create your animation
  • Green Screen Remove a colour from your animation and import scenery behind it
  • Import Audio Add an audio clip from your music library or record directly from a microphone
  • Import Video & images Import both still images and video to use as a background in your animation
  • Drawing Add 2D shapes to your animation or use as a masking tool
  • Titles Add that movie feel with titles, subtitles and credits

Advanced Features

  • Time Lapse Set up your camera and use the time lapse setting to record action over a long period of time
  • HD Export Choose from a range of export resolutions, including HD (HD Camera required)
  • Cross Platform Whether you're on Windows or Mac, Animate it! is the software for you
  • Onion skinning Choose to onion skin up to five frames at a time to ensure you have smooth flawless action

"For kids who are interested in making movies but don't know how or where to begin, Animate It! is perfect. It's detailed without being overwhelming, and kids will love the tutorial videos and finding their own inspiration."

Common Sense Media