Driving Theory Test App

Driving Theory Test App

Find everything you need to pass your driving theory test.
  • Over 700 DVSA licensed theory test questions & answers
  • Practice hazard perception clips
  • The latest 2023 UK Highway Code
  • Mock exams with test analysis
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2023 Driving Theory Test App

Want to pass your driving theory test first time? Just download the app. Once you’ve practiced DVSA mock tests, our smart algorithm creates new exams for you based on the areas you most need to improve.

Hazard perception practice
Test your knowledge with DVSA licensed hazard perception mock tests.
Over 2 million users
Join over 2 million users already using the driving theory app to help them study.
Targeted tests
Practice more efficiently with targeted tests that focus on your weak spots.

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What’s included in the app?

Theory Test Revision
Feel confident about your upcoming driving theory test by practicing DVSA licensed questions, along with the answers and explanation.
Hazard perception practice
Just like in the real test, you’ll get DVSA licensed video clips of driving scenarios with potential hazards.
Mock theory exams
Practice DVSA driving theory tests with multiple-choice questions.
2023 Highway Code
Get a UK Highway Code guide to help you learn the code, including new 2023 rules.

Download the Driving Theory Test App

With the 2023 Driving Theory Test App you’ll have access to hundreds of practice theory mock exams and hazard perception tests. Get all the theory test practice you need and track your progress with your own personal statistics tab. Download the app on both IOS and Google play below.

What tests can I use the theory test app for?

We’ve got you covered for all major theory tests. So you’ve got everything you need to pass, whether you’re studying for your:

 Car theory test

 Motorbike theory test

 LGV or HGV theory test (lorry and truck) and PCV theory test (bus and public transport)

 ADI theory test (approved driving instructors)

Theory test questions:

Q. What is the UK theory test?

The UK driving theory test is two-part test you take on the computer in a test centre, with a multiple choice part and a video hazard perception part. It should take about 1 hour 20 minutes. You have to pass your theory test before you can take your practical test and get your licence.

Q. When can I legally start driving in the UK?

In the UK, you can start driving a car when you’re 17, as long as you’re being supervised by a qualified driver (or you’ve passed your driving test) and you have the right insurance.

Q. What type of questions should I expect on the test?

The multiple choice part of your test, which comes first, has questions on the Highway Code and general driving theory. The second part of the test is a hazard perception test, which involves watching driving videos and clicking when you see a hazard.

Q. What do I need to take a UK theory test?

You’ll need to take your provisional driving license to your theory test. If you have a Northern Irish licence, you should bring the photocard and the paper licence that comes with it. And if you have a paper licence, you should bring your passport with you too. Other than this, you don’t need to bring anything else with you – you won’t be able to bring personal items like your phone or bag into the test room.

Q. What is the easiest way to pass theory test?

The best way to pass your theory test is with plenty of practice. The 2023 Driving Theory Test App makes it easy to practice for your test, with a smart quiz algorithm that identifies the areas you need more practice in and creates special exams for you to help improve on your weak points.

Q. How do I revise for my theory test?

How you revise for your theory test is up to you and depends on how you learn best. But using an app like the 2023 Driving Theory Test App makes revision easy, with DVSA exam papers and smart quizzes to help you practice.

Q. Is the Driving Theory Test App free to install?

The App is free to download. You’ll be able to practice a number of theory test questions for free. You can unlock the full bank of questions for just £4.99 a month.