RAC battles floods in Channel 5 Winter Road Rescue TV show

RAC patrols are the stars of an episode of Channel 5’s Winter Road Rescue TV documentary. The one-hour documentary airs on 25 February at 8pm and shows Britain being battered by the full force of Storms Gertrude and Henry.

Working alongside Scotland’s Highland Council and vehicle recovery companies nationwide, the bravery of RAC patrols is dramatically shown as they work to rescue motorists stranded in the dangerous conditions.

During the wettest winter in UK recorded history, RAC breakdown patrols can be seen fighting back the floods – exposing the hard work of what normally are the unsung heroes of motoring.

Action focuses on the plight of one particular motorist, a lady who is stuck in deep mud at night on a building site. As the rain lashes down, RAC patrolman Stevie Forrester comes to the rescue – viewers follow the action as he works to save her without becoming stuck in the mud himself.

What will the outcome be – and to what lengths will Stevie go to in order to rescue the stranded motorist? Watch the action unfold in the hour-long Channel 5 Winter Road Rescue documentary.

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