Help For Parents

It can be scary watching your teenage son or daughter heading out on the road for the first time. They may have passed their test with flying colours, but will they continue to drive safely now they’re out of the starting blocks?

The law is ever-changing for young drivers

The UK Government continues to consider changes aimed at reducing the number of accidents involving young drivers. Potential law changes include the introduction of curfews to limit the amount of driving a new driver can do at night – it’s at this time of day the mind is at its most tired, and a driver’s attention and perception of distances and danger can be distorted. Other changes include limiting the number of passengers carried, lower speed limits, lower drink-drive limits, and how powerful an engine new drivers are allowed to drive.

For the latest news and laws on driving, please visit the Department For Transport (DFT) or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Why choose the RAC?

As the Motorists’ Champion, we’ve been assisting drivers for more than 120 years, so we fully understand the importance of road safety, especially when it comes to less experienced drivers. 

We also know that careful drivers are less likely to have an accident. That’s why we have created a product tailored specifically for young drivers. Commonly known as telematics insurance, ‘black box’ is ideal for new drivers aged between 17 and 25 years old.

The idea is simple – by encouraging drivers to review their driving habits and drive more safely, they could present a lower risk on the roads, and are therefore ‘safer’ from an insurance perspective. 

Black Box insurance can reward safer drivers with money off their renewal premium. With the use of telematics technology and a little ‘black box’ installed in their car, young drivers can monitor things like their speed and braking via our handy Driver App. With this information we can then calculate their ‘Driver Score’, which indicates how safe a driver we believe they are. The better the score, the more safely they are driving, and the cheaper their insurance can be when they renew it. It’s a win-win for the driver and their parents!

By monitoring and correcting their own driving, young drivers get into a regular habit of driving safely. This behaviour is particularly important in their ‘early years’ of driving, and helps set them up as safer drivers for years to come. 

RAC Black Box Car Insurance could be the choice for you and your son or daughter.

Why choose RAC Black Box Car Insurance?

New and young drivers could get cheaper car insurance if they can prove they are actively improving how safely they drive. We reward careful drivers with lower car insurance premiums. So, the safer they drive, the cheaper their insurance could be at renewal (compared to our standard car insurance).

RAC Black Box Car Insurance is simple and straightforward to use. It uses a small telematics device to measure how well the car is driven. We’ll send the RAC Black Box in the post along with instructions on how to fit it. You’ll need to install the box in your car within 14 days of your policy start date and once installed, it must remain in your car for the duration of your policy. 

The policyholder can keep track of their driving performance via our RAC Black Box App, where we provide an easy-to-understand Driver Score and journey details.

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