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Annual Travel Insurance

RAC customers save 25%1

Annual Travel Insurance

Emergency medical expenses and 24/7 helpline

Lost and delayed luggage

Cancellation cover

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Lines open Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00, Saturday 09:00-17:00 and closed Sundays.

RAC Member and Car Insurance policyholder discount1

RAC members and RAC Car Insurance policyholders save 25% on single trip, annual multi-trip or family policies with RAC Travel Insurance. Enter or quote your membership or policy number at the time of purchase and we'll automatically apply your discount.

Our cover levels

We’ve got three levels of cover available with varying benefits, so you can find the right cover to suit your needs, letting you relax and enjoy your holidays throughout the year.

Orange Cover

Silver Cover

Black Cover

COVID-19 protection

COVID-19 protection

COVID-19 protection

£3,000 cancellation cover

£5,000 cancellation cover

£7,500 cancellation cover

£10m emergency medical & repatriation expenses

£15m emergency medical & repatriation expenses

Unlimited emergency medical & repatriation expenses

£1,250 for personal possessions

£2,000 for personal possessions

£3,000 for personal possessions

£500 hospital benefit
(max £20 per day)

£1,500 hospital benefit
(max £50 per day)

£2,000 hospital benefit
(max £50 per day)

£500 gadget cover

£750 gadget cover

£1,000 gadget cover

£400 personal money

£500 personal money

£750 personal money

£25,000 legal costs & expenses

£25,000 legal costs & expenses

£25,000 legal costs & expenses

Why choose RAC Travel Insurance?

With RAC Travel Insurance you won’t have to worry about the costs involved with loss of documents, baggage or passports, we’ll also help you with the expenses you may incur in having to cancel or cut short any excursions that you’ve booked.

We’ll cover as many of your trips as you need throughout the year, with a maximum duration of 62 days for each trip under our Orange and Silver levels of cover, and 92 days on our Black cover level.


RAC Travel Insurance policies do not cover single direction trips, and do not cover you if you are not a permanent resident in the UK. Trips must begin and end in the United Kingdom.

Single Trip Cover

The maximum duration for any one trip is 94 days. There is no upper age limit for Single Trip cover.

Annual Multi Trip Cover

The maximum duration of any one trip is 62 days for Orange and Silver cover, and 92 days for Black cover. The upper age limit for Annual Multi Trip cover is 80 years at the start date of the policy.

We will remind you at least three weeks before your policy is due to expire and give you instructions on how to renew.