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Gadget Travel Insurance

We all like to take our gadgets with us on holiday, whether it’s to capture memories, track our morning runs on the beach, or to curl up in the sun with an e-book. Add our optional Enhanced Gadget cover to your travel insurance policy when you get a quote and you won’t be out of pocket if sand or sea claim your favourite devices!*

Up to £1,000 per device for accidental damage, theft or loss

Up to £3,000 total gadget cover

Up to £1,000 for unauthorised web data use

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Our cover levels

For an additional premium, you can add Enhanced Gadget cover to your travel policy. So for example, if you select our Orange level of base cover and choose to add Enhanced Gadget cover, you will get the Orange level of benefits for your gadgets - £1,000 accidental damage, theft or less; and £1,000 unauthorised usage cover.

Orange Cover Silver Cover Black Cover
Accidental damage, theft or loss
(Max of £500 per item)
Accidental damage, theft or loss
(Max of £750 per item)
Accidental damage, theft or loss
(Max of 1,000 per item)
Unauthorised usage 
Unauthorised usage 
Unauthorised usage 

There is no excess to pay for unauthorised usage on all levels of cover. In addition, there is no excess to pay for accidental damage, theft or loss on our Black cover level.

Travel Disruption Cover included as standard on Silver and Black cover levels

No one likes to think about cancelling a well-earned break, or being out of pocket if travel plans unexpectedly change. That's why our Silver and Black cover levels include Travel Disruption cover as standard, which covers you for delays or cancellations to your outbound and inbound journeys.

Travel disruption covers things like:

  • Missed departure to or from your holiday destination, including connecting travel - meaning you are delayed or have to cancel your departure
  • Insolvency of your accommodation provider - meaning you need to find somewhere else to stay while on holiday
  • Trip abandonment or cancellation after a 12 hours delay - due to delays in flight or onward travel
  • Additional travel expenses required by you to get back home - in the event you have to cancel or abandon your trip

Frequently Asked Questions

Our optional Enhanced Gadget option will cover accidental damage to your device, be it by sand or sea. It will also cover theft or loss, so if you’re unfortunate enough to lose your device entirely, Enhanced Gadget cover will help you to replace it. If your device is stolen and someone uses it to rack-up a hefty roaming charge bill for web use – don’t worry, Gadget cover can also cover this unauthorised use too*.

Can I buy gadget cover as a standalone travel insurance policy?

No, unfortunately not. Enhanced Gadget cover can only be purchased as an extension to your RAC Travel Insurance policy.

How do I add Enhanced Gadget cover to my travel insurance?

When you get a quote for RAC Travel Insurance you will have the opportunity to add further optional covers to your policy, such as Enhanced Gadget cover, Winter Sports cover, and so on. You simply need to select the cover you want, and it will be added to your quote.

Will I still get a member/policyholder discount on Enhanced Gadget cover?

There is no discount available on Enhanced Gadget cover, however you can save 10% on your base premium if you are an RAC Breakdown Member or an RAC Car Insurance customer. Just enter your membership or policy number at the time of purchase and we'll automatically apply your discount.

Can I get holiday insurance for my tablet or phone?

On our Black level of cover, RAC Travel Insurance offers up to £500 as standard for things like iPads, Kindles, e-readers, iPhones or other Smartphones, music players, Sat Navs, Fitness trackers, and so on. If this isn’t enough to insure the devices that you want to take on holiday with you, you can boost your cover for gadgets with our optional Enhanced Gadget Cover.

Will my holiday insurance include gadget cover?

Our standard cover offers between £250 and £500 depending on the level you choose. This can then be boosted by adding our optional Enhanced Gadget cover. For example, if you chose our Black level of cover and added our optional Enhanced Gadget cover, you would be covered for up to £3,000 to a maximum of £1,000 per electronic device.

This benefit covers accidental damage, theft or loss, but the standard policy terms and conditions still apply, so make sure you’re familiar with them before you buy*.

Can I get family gadget insurance?

If you get a family or group insurance quote, all benefits on the policy apply per person. For example, if you select the Black cover level, everyone on your policy will have up to £500 of cover for their electronic devices.

If you then boost your cover with our Enhanced Gadget cover, each member of your holiday will have up to £3,000 each to cover them for the gadgets and devices they want to take on holiday with them.

Do I need to add gadget cover to my insurance?

It depends on what you intend to take with you on holiday. RAC Travel Insurance includes some gadget cover as standard. If this isn’t enough, you can choose to boost this with our Enhanced Gadget cover option.

Will all of my devices be covered with gadget travel insurance?

Adding our Enhanced Gadget cover will allow you to cover as many gadgets as you can safely carry with you on holiday. However, there is a restriction on how much we’d cover per device and a maximum that we’d pay out in total, in line with the level of cover you choose.

Can I get holiday insurance for a drone?

Yes, RAC Travel Insurance will cover drones. If you are taking your drone abroad, you may want to ensure you’ve read up on any applicable laws for drones in the country you’re travelling to. You should also read our policy terms and conditions – for example, you (or your drone) may not be covered if you travel willingly to a dangerous area or participate in a sport not covered by your insurance policy*.

If you have a query about your policy, would like to renew or make a claim, find all the contact details here


If you have a query regarding RAC Travel Insurance, read our frequently asked questions


An extensive glossary of all the terms relevant to your RAC Travel Insurance policy

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*The cover(s) referred to here are in subject to the full terms and conditions of the policy wording and the specific level of optional cover chosen by the Insured(s).

This offer is only available when you buy direct from the RAC website and is not available through Price Comparison or Affiliates websites. This offer is not available on our Orange cover level.

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