Temporary Car Insurance


Short term car insurance from 1 hr to 30 days
  • Flexible – add extra hours online
  • Quick – get temporary car insurance within minutes
  • Comprehensive – fully covered for leisure or business use^

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Temporary Car Insurance

Borrowing a car, sharing the driving or taking a trip for work? Temporary car insurance is an easy, flexible way to get short term cover. You can be on the road within 15 minutes.  

Temp cover gives you the flexibility to pay only for the time you need – whether that's one hour, day insurance, or one month insurance. If you’ve only paid for a day and need more, no problem. You can top up instantly online to get up to 30 days. Temporary car insurance can be taken out alongside an annual policy. The vehicle owner's No Claims Discount won’t be affected if you make a claim.

Say hello to flexible short term car insurance from the RAC

Super flexible
Temp cover for 1 hour to 30 days. And add extra hours online if you need to.
You’re fully covered – for leisure or business use^.
Quick and easy
Get covered within 15 minutes. Or buy up to 28 days in advance.

How does Temporary Car Insurance work?

Temporary car insurance is a flexible type of short-term insurance. It allows you to drive a car for a short period of time, without needing to take out an annual insurance policy. Our short-term car insurance policies provide comprehensive cover from as little as 1 hour up to 30 days of monthly car insurance at a time. 

So, you can borrow a car, or share the driving on a long trip. It only takes a few minutes to apply and you can manage your policy online 24/7. Add more hours or days as you need them. There’s no annual contract, so when the policy expires that’s it.

Can I get Temporary Car Insurance on a friend's car?

You can use temporary car insurance to borrow a friend’s car. It means they don’t have to pay more to add you to their policy. If you need to make a claim, their Protected No Claims Discount won’t be affected either.

How much is Temporary Car Insurance?

The cost of short-term car insurance will vary depending on your situation and vehicle. These prices** are a guide:

    Hourly car insurance        Day car insurance        Weekly car insurance    
1 hour £18.481 day £30.261 week £92.86
2 hours £19.242 days £46.302 weeks £124.33
3 hours £21.583 days £59.083 weeks £159.37
4 hours £24.226 days £87.434 weeks £186.55

Looking for learner car insurance? Take a look at our cover for provisional driver's insurance

How long can you have Temporary Car Insurance for?

Hourly insurance
Test drive: hourly car insurance for if you’re planning a test drive or driving your new car home – from a garage, auction, or private seller
Day insurance
Road trip: one day car insurance so you can share the driving for a personal or business trip. If you’re between annual car insurance policies and need cover for a few days
Week insurance
Borrowing regularly: weekly or monthly car insurance so you can use your parents’ car while you’re home from university, or if you’re car sharing with a colleague

What's included with Temporary Car Insurance?

Everything you'd expect from an annual car insurance policy. Business^ and leisure usage are included as standard.

What's covered

  Loss, theft, fire or vandalism

 Child seat replacement

 Replacement locks

 New car replacement

Of the same make, model and specification

 Accident recovery

And an approved repair service*

 Legal liability

If another person is injured or dies, or their property's damaged

 Personal accident

Up to £2,500 per claim (or £5,000 per insurance year)

 Legal costs

Up to £5,000,000

 Personal belongings

Cover up to £150

Read our full policy requirements

What's optional

+ RAC Breakdown Cover

You can add RAC Breakdown cover to your temporary insurance purchase

+ European car insurance cover

If you want to drive your car in the EU, you can add cover for that when you buy your policy

+ Excess Protection

You can add excess protection when you buy your policy. It reimburses any excess charges, if you need to make a claim

Read more about our optional cover

What's not covered

 Unattended / keys in ignition

Loss or damage if the vehicle was left unattended with the engine running or the keys in the ignition

 Wear and tear

Electrical and mechanical breakdown or gradual deterioration

 Loss of value following a repair

 Confiscation, requisition, or destruction

By or under order of any government, public or local authority

 Courtesy car

Read our full policy requirements

Am I eligible for Temporary Car Insurance?

As the driver, you must
  • be aged 18 to 75 years

  • hold a full, valid UK driving licence

  • have a current permanent address

  • have permission from the vehicle owner to drive it and you’ve agreed to insure it

  • have had no more than 1 fault claim in the last 12 months

  • have had no more than 9 penalty points and no disqualifications in the last 12 months

  • have had no driving offences in the last 3 years starting with the code DR, CD, DD, UT or DG

  • have had no driving offences in the last 6 months starting with the code IN or CU80

  • not have any unspent criminal convictions (other than driving offences)

  • have never been refused insurance or had a policy cancelled

  • Your vehicle must
  • be registered in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man

  • have a current market value of less than £75,000

  • have no more than 8 seats in total

  • not be a hire or rental vehicle

  • not be leased under an agreement or 12 months or less

  • not be a seized vehicle or in a police compound

  • not have any engine modifications, body kits or alloy wheels – unless they were carried out of a disabled driver or passenger, or they were fitted at manufacture or were manufacturer optional extras

  • not be imported from another country through channels other than the maker’s official distribution system 

  • not be a heavy goods vehicle (HGV)

  • not be over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW)

  • How do I get Temporary Car Insurance?

    Get on the road within 15 minutes
    Extend your cover online

    Covering multiple drivers

    If you need temp cover insurance on someone else’s car for an hour, a day, or even up to 30 days, then our temporary car insurance has you covered. With us, you get comprehensive cover as standard. You can also add a person to your car insurance in the short term with temporary additional driver insurance. It can be useful if you and a friend are sharing the driving on a road trip, or a family member is borrowing your car. They can buy cover for 1 hour up to 30 days.

    Also, if the person insured on your car was to damage it, it wouldn’t affect your annual insurance policy.

    Quick and easy

    Why choose RAC Temporary Car Insurance?

    Our partners Dayinsure have a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot and our policies are underwritten by Aviva, the UK’s largest general insurer. And the RAC has been looking after drivers for over 120 years. So you know you’re in safe hands with our short-term car insurance.

    Add RAC Breakdown Cover to your policy when you buy

    You can add short term RAC Breakdown cover to your policy.
    Cover includes roadside assistance, recovery and onward travel.

    What are the alternatives to temporary car insurance?

    If you’re borrowing someone else’s vehicle, they could add you as a named driver on their policy. Or you could take out an annual policy on another vehicle and cancel it when you no longer need it. However, these options are likely to cost more than temp cover for you or the car owner. And they could impact the owner’s Protected No Claims Discount in the event of a claim by the person driving it.  

    Other alternatives include:

    • Temporary van insurance: it could be that you need to borrow a van to move house or transport furniture. Our temporary van insurance works much like our short-term car policy, where you only take cover for the time you need. We also cover motorhomes and campervans. 
    • Temporary car insurance for business use: if you need to take a business trip but aren’t covered to use your car for business on your existing annual policy, our temporary car insurance will cover for temporary business use. You can also purchase business breakdown cover from the RAC for longer term usage.
    • Test drive insurance: if you’re buying a car privately and want to test drive it, or if you’re setting up test drives for a car you’re selling, we’ll cover that.

    Temporary Car Insurance Explained

    Q. Can I get insured on a car for a day, a week or a month?

    Yes, you can. RAC Temporary car insurance policies can be bought for as little as 1 hour up to 30 days at a time. If you need more time, you can always top this up online or take out another policy. For example, you could upgrade from one day insurance by extending to temp cover for a week. You can top up to a maximum of 30 days. Once you’ve reached 30 days, you’d need to buy a new policy.

    Q. How long does it take to get temporary car insurance?

    Getting temporary car insurance is quick and easy to do online. You can be covered to drive within 15 minutes.

    Q. Will I build up my no claims discount with temporary car insurance?

    No. RAC Temporary Car Insurance is a flat-rate policy for a short, fixed period. This means you won’t build up any no claims discount on this policy, even if you don’t make a claim.

    Q. Can I get temporary insurance if I already have an annual policy?

    Yes, that’s not a problem. And if you needed to make a claim on your temporary policy, it won’t affect the no claims discount on your annual policy. You just need to make sure you declare the claim to your annual insurer.

    Q. How old do you have to be to get RAC Temporary Car Insurance

    To be eligible for an RAC Temporary Car Insurance policy, you’ll need to be aged between 18 and 75.

    Q. Can I get temporary car insurance when learning to drive?

    RAC Temporary Car Insurance only covers qualified drivers who have held a full and valid driving licence for over a year. Read our full requirements for temporary car insurance.

    If you only have a provisional licence, you can get RAC Learner Driver Insurance for your car or a friend or family member’s car. Cover is available from 1 day to 5 months.

    Q. Can new drivers get temporary car insurance?

    Yes. Let’s face it, buying a car and insuring it can be expensive for new drivers. So, taking out a short-term car insurance policy to borrow someone else’s car can be a great alternative. Temporary car insurance is quick and easy to set up online and flexible. You can get cover for an hour, or up to 30 days. Under RAC Temporary Car Insurance, drivers must hold a current, valid, full UK driving licence and have done so for at least 6 months (reduced to 3 months if aged over 25).

    Q. Can I use temporary car insurance to drive in Europe?

    Yes. You will need to buy our additional cover for Europe (this is an optional extra). Journeys must start and finish within Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, and cover is only available for cars registered in the UK. We can only provide temporary car insurance for travelling to countries within the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. See the government website for a list of countries.

    Q. Does temporary car insurance cover business use?

    Yes, as long as you’re not using your vehicle for transporting goods or people for hire or reward (for example, a taxi service or courier).

    Our short-term cover is ideal if you’re insuring a car for a few days away at another office or business conference. It’s also a good solution if you only travel for business now and then, as it can be more cost effective than adding business cover to your annual car insurance.

    Q. Can I take out insurance for my MOT?

    You can’t drive a car to get an MOT without insurance. That is where a temporary car insurance policy could help. You can take out a short-term policy from as little as an hour.

    You should check your insurance policy wording if you’re planning to drive a car to a garage without an MOT. Some policies don’t cover this, potentially making your insurance void.

    Q. Can you tax a car with temporary insurance?

    Yes. Just keep in mind that, if you’re taxing your car online, you’ll have to wait for the Motor Insurance Database (MID) to update. We notify the MID of all new insurance policies within 24 hours. It’s still legal for you to drive during these 24 hours – but it’s always worth double-checking that you’ve received and checked your insurance documents.

    Your temporary car insurance policy FAQs

    Q. Can I cancel my policy?

    Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time. You’ll be entitled to a full refund of your premium, if you cancel the policy before cover has started. If you cancel the policy after cover has started, you’ll be entitled to a partial refund.

    Q. How do I extend my insurance policy?

    You can extend your temporary car insurance policy quickly and easily online. Simply log in to your account to add more time.

    Q. Can I get RAC Temporary Car Insurance for more than 30 days?

    Yes, even though our maximum policy length is 30 days you can purchase multiple policies. If you require annual cover then get a quote for RAC Car Insurance or call us on 0330 159 1019.

    Q. How does the claims process work?

    For more information on how to make a claim, see our Existing Customers page. Our claims line provides 24-hour temporary car insurance support. You must contact the police if the car has been stolen or if anyone has been injured as the result of any claim.

    Q. Does temporary car insurance show up on ASKMID?

    We guarantee to update the Motor Insurance Database (MID) every 7 days and in some cases more often, but we recommend always having a copy of your Insurance Certificate with you during the period of cover. You can drive the vehicle legally between the dates and times shown on the insurance certificate issued to you.

    Q. What happens if I have an accident while I’ve got temporary cover?

    RAC Temporary Car Insurance offers fully comprehensive cover. That means you’ll be covered up to the car’s current market value if you need to make a claim. Also, the no claims discount of the vehicle’s owner won’t be affected, so you don’t need to worry about that. Repairs are covered and will be carried out by an approved provider*.

    Q. Why have I been declined cover?

    Car insurance cover is declined for several reasons. These could include:

    • your location
    • you may not fit into the age restrictions
    • previous convictions
    • vehicle modifications

    Q. Will I need a Green Card to drive in Europe?

    No, from 2 August 2021 you don’t need to have a Green Card, please see our Brexit related FAQs page for more information on driving in Europe.

    Q. I'm driving less miles now, could I be saving on my car insurance?

    If you drive under 6,000 miles a year and are over 21 Pay by Mile car insurance may save you money. Every driver and vehicle combination is unique so we can’t promise it'll be cheaper but you could be paying as little as 4p per mile. If your mileage increases, then you can cancel the policy at any point. Don’t worry, there are no cancellation fees. Find out if you could save.

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