Policy requirements

Important Policy Documentation

RAC Temporary Car Insurance: Policy Wording

RAC Temporary Car Insurance: Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

RAC Short-term Breakdown cover: Policy Wording

RAC Short-term Breakdown cover: Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

Temporary Car Insurance - significant and unusual exclusions or limitations

Your Temporary Car Insurance policy excludes some situations. Please refer to your Policy Wording for full details but the most significant or unusual exclusions are outlined below. Your policy excludes or limits the following:

  • The first part of any claim - this is known as the "excess" (see Section 1). Our excess levels vary - please see your insurance schedule for details.
  • The excess applies to claims for windscreen replacement or repair (see Section 1)
  • Loss or damage arising from theft while the ignition keys of your car have been left in or on your car (see Section 1)
  • Loss of use, reduction in value, wear and tear, or mechanical, electrical or computer breakdowns, failures or breakages (see Section 1)
  • Loss of value following a repair (see Section 1)
  • Confiscation or requisition or destruction by or under order of any government or public or local authority (see Section 1)
  • Damage to tyres by braking or by punctures, cuts or bursts (see Section 1)
  • Loss or damage directly caused by pressure waves caused by aircraft or other flying devices travelling at, or above, the speed of sound (see Section 1)
  • No courtesy car is provided
  • This policy excludes inappropriate use (see General exceptions int he Policy Wording). We will not pay for any accident, injury, loss or damage that occurs while your car is being used for a purpose not shown under the "Description of use" section of your certificate of insurance or while it is being driven by any person not described in your certificate of insurance as entitled to drive.
  • The policy excludes liability if any incident leading to a claim is covered under any other insurance policy.

For full details of our Temporary Car Insurance cover, please see the Policy Wording.

Use eligibility

  • Journeys must start and end in the UK (exporting is not permitted).
  • Must not be used for hiring the vehicle, the carriage of passengers or goods for payment, the carriage of goods or property which does not belong to you as a courier or for takeaway food for fast food delivery.
  • Carrying of hazardous goods or use at hazardous locations are not permitted.

Information on driver and vehicle eligibility can be found on the Temporary Car Insurance page.