What is Motorcycle CBT

Before you can ride a moped or motorcycle on any public road, you need to have a valid motorbike insurance policy and hold a valid CBT Certificate. But what is motorcycle CBT? It stands for Compulsory Basic Training and consists of both practical and theoretical, on and off road elements.

There are five elements in total, within three modules:

  • Module 1
    • Element A    Introduction - theoretical training
    • Element B    Practical training (touch, balance and so on)
  • Module 2 
    • Element C    Practical riding skills
    • Element D    Pre road-ride briefing
  • Module 3  
    • Element E    Practical on-road riding (minimum two hours duration)  

You will move from one module to the next when your instructor believes you have acquired certain skills. Therefore the length of time it takes for you to complete the first and second modules will depend on your own ability.

When you complete compulsory basic training to at least the minimum standard, you’ll get a certificate of completion, which is also called a DL196. This allows you to ride a moped or a motorcycle up to 125cc on the road with L plates (L or D plates in Wales). You can remove these after you’ve passed your full motorcycle test – you must do this within 2 years of completing your Compulsory Basic Training, otherwise you’ll have to take it again.

Who carries out CBT?

Only an approved training body (ATB) can oversee your compulsory basic training and your instructor must be a registered Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMIs)/CBT trainer in order to be allowed to conduct these training courses.

Unlike with car driving lessons and tests, you’ll probably train alongside other learners of different abilities. The maximum learner to trainer ratios are:

  • 4 learners per trainer for on-site elements
  • 2 learners per trainer for on-road elements  

Who needs a motorcycle CBT?

Most learner motorcycle and moped riders must go through Compulsory Basic Training. However, you don’t need to take CBT to ride a moped if you passed your car driving test before 1st February 2001. You can also ride without CBT if you:

  • Hold a full moped licence from passing a full moped test after 1 December 1990
  • Hold a full motorcycle licence for one category and want to upgrade to another
  • Live and ride on some offshore islands

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