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Moped Insurance

Whether you are a moped enthusiast or just scaling down from a motorbike, having the right cover to accompany your vehicle can help make all the difference. Here at the RAC, with our years of experience and our approved panel of insurers, we can provide you with the right policy at the right price.

Build the cover that’s right for you - choose between our standard Bike Insurance product and our enhanced Bike Insurance Plus, as well as a suite of Optional Extras. All RAC Members are automatically upgraded to our Bike Insurance Plus for free!

  • 24/7 claims management service
  • 90 days EU cover as standard
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Why choose RAC Moped Insurance?

RAC Bike Insurance

RAC Bike Insurance Plus

24/7 claims management service

Minimum of 90 days EU cover

NCD discount available (including NCD up to three years old for returning bikers)

Flexible cover options including multi-bike policies and cover for accessories and modifications

Choose from comprehensive; third party, fire and theft; and third party only cover

Helmet & Leathers cover included

Personal Accident cover included

Optional Extras - tailor your cover to suit your needs

  • Personal Accident Cover - Give yourself and your family peace of mind should you experience an accident on your motorbike with cover of up to £25,000 in the event of: accidental death, loss of sight, loss of limb or permanent total disability. Included with Bike Insurance Plus
  • Excess Protect Cover - Claim up to £600 of your policy excess back in the event of: accidental damage, fire, theft or vandalism
  • Helmet & Leathers Cover - up to £1,000 cover for your helmet, protective clothing, leathers, gloves and boots following an accident regardless of who was to blame for the accident. This covers you on any bike you are riding, providing you are permitted to do so. Included with Bike Insurance Plus
  • Legal Expenses Cover - Protect yourself after an accident that wasn’t your fault, with up to £100,000 of legal costs to help you seek recovery of uninsured losses
  • Replacement Vehicle Cover - Provides a replacement bike for up to 14 days in the event of your vehicle being unrideable following: theft, attempted theft, fire, vandalism and accidental damage
  • Key Protect Cover - All keys belonging to immediate family living in the household are protected against loss, theft and breakage
  • RAC Breakdown Cover (UK and European options available) - 24 hour assistance in the event of a bike breakdown

Full terms and conditions of these products can be found in the Policy Wording.

Alternatively, call us for a quote on 0330 159 1156.

Monday–Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm, Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm & Bank Holidays 10:00am – 2:00pm. Closed Sundays.

Types of cover

  • Third party only - Covers damage to other people's vehicles and property.
  • Third party, fire and theft - This policy covers the same as third party only, but also includes, theft of vehicle, damage to your vehicle during theft and fire damage.
  • Comprehensive policy – The most wide-ranging level of cover. This policy includes everything covered by Third party, fire and theft along with accidental damage cover and loss or damage to your moped.

Why do I need Moped Insurance?

RAC Motorbike Insurance provides riders with a policy that reflects the lower costs and lower risks associated with riding a modern moped. Low in road tax, mopeds are a cheap form of transportation when it comes to those quick drives to the shops or those short trips away.

As younger drivers, especially those who have recently passed their test, are the one group most likely to pay higher rates of insurance, mopeds are a very attractive option. The first step in getting a moped licence is getting a CBT test (compulsory basic training). Once passed, you’ll get a certificate of completion which allows you to ride your moped on the road (with L plates) for up to two years. It’s at this point that you’ll need to purchase your own insurance to take your moped out on the road. You must pass your full motorcycle test within two years or you’ll need to complete your CBT again.

Even though mopeds are mostly ridden by younger riders, with 16 year olds being old enough to ride them, most mopeds have speed limiters on them of around 28mph, this allows even the most inexperienced rider to get the cover they need. Further risks with younger riders are also eliminated with the average engine size of a moped being 50cc, meaning the inherent danger associated with riding a similar larger vehicle, such as a motorbike, is taken away. With your typical motorbike doing on average 80mpg, mopeds are also seen as being incredibly environmentally friendly, with a number of electric vehicles actually being categorised as mopeds due to their small engines.

Getting insured is a legal requirement and with the government cracking down on the high number of uninsured drivers it is vital you get your moped insured. Even if your moped is hardly used and is left in a garage most of the time, it has to be insured. Only if the vehicle is officially declared off the road with a SORN (Statutory off Road Notice) from the DLVA is an exception made. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in a fine, possible prosecution and your moped being seized or even destroyed.

Find further information on our Motorbike Insurance page.