Hacks for a Warm House

When the weather turns colder we want our homes to provide comfort, keeping us warm and snug. 

Of course, come the winter and when temperatures plunge, most of us will reach for the central heating and crank the thermostat up. That comes at a cost though, and with energy bills seemingly always on the rise, it’s worth looking at other ways to keep your house warm.

There are lots of simple tips and hacks you can try to maximise the warmth inside your home - easy ways to insulate your house. Try some of these when the weather gets chilly.

Use your curtains

Curtains can really help to keep your house warm. Open them during the daytime, to allow any sunlight and natural light to warm the room and then shut them when dusk falls and it gets dark outside. Make sure you have heavy curtains during the winter to keep out the cold - they act as great insulation.

Keep radiators clear

When your heating is on and the radiators are hot, let them perform to their best. Move furniture away from radiators, so nothing blocks the flow of heat and air can circulate freely. Keeping radiators clear helps to maximise their output, so if you’ve positioned your sofa directly in front of yours, move it to somewhere else in the room - at least during the winter.

Check your insulation

Has your house been properly insulated? It’s worth checking. If your property doesn’t have sufficient insulation, the chances are the heat is simply escaping, which is wasteful. You should consider loft insulation and cavity wall insulation, if you don’t have it. This might not be as expensive as you think, and on the lead-up to the colder part of the year there are often offers available to incentivise homeowners to save energy.

Block out potential sources of draughts

Inspect your home for any draughts. Do you have any gaps around windows or doors, through which cold air is coming into your home? If so, it means you’re losing heat. Fit rubber seals around doors and windows. Exterior doors are often sources of draughts, so put excluders at the bottom of them to help to keep the warmth in. If any walls have holes or cracks in, fill them.

Check or upgrade your boiler

Keeping your boiler healthy is really important, especially if it’s an older model. A boiler that is older than ten years, for example, might still be in decent working order, but probably won’t be as efficient as a newer model. Regular servicing will help maintain its performance. You could consider investing in a new boiler, using less energy but producing the same level of heat.


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