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Buildings Insurance

RAC buildings insurance offers you financial security should something unforeseen happen to your home. It covers the structure of your property for damage if the unthinkable should happen. We cover a range of events as standard, from floods and fires to earthquakes and vandalism. With a range of optional extras, we can give you even more reassurance that someone will be on hand whenever you need it.

At RAC we offer buildings and contents insurance which can be bought separately, or as a joint policy. 


Rely on us to deal with your claim quickly and fairly

Cover for damage caused by escape of water in your home

Alternative accommodation if your home isn’t safe to live in**

Why choose RAC Buildings Insurance?

24/7 claims helpline – in event of a claim, let us 
help put things right
Manage your policy online – no fuss, no phone 
call needed and open 24/7
Tailor your policy to suit your needs with our 
range of optional extras

What’s included in RAC standard buildings insurance?

We offer a comprehensive buildings insurance policy that covers structural damage to your property. This includes most elements including the windows, doors, walls, roof and floors, as well as any permanent fixtures inside and outside the property. This includes a bathroom suite, garage or shed. These things are protected from damage as a result of several events.

The following are covered as standard:

 Storms, earthquakes and floods
 Fire and explosions
 Escape of water, for example a burst pipe
 Trees, aerials or satellite dishes falling and damaging your property
 Burglary and vandalism
 Impact damage from vehicles

Optional extras

Sometimes you need that little bit extra. With our RAC home buildings insurance you have the option to add extra protection for just a few pounds more a month. Read more about our range of optional extras

What about Contents Insurance?

At RAC we offer different types of home insurance policies. These include buildings insurance, contents insurance and a combined buildings and contents insurance. 

Contents insurance provides financial assistance for damage, loss or theft of personal contents in your home. It can cover you for situations, such as a flood or burglary. If you’re renting a property, its your responsibility as the tenant to arrange insurance for your contents. 


Find out more about  contents insurance here

All the information you need to amend or renew your policy or make a claim.


If your building structure is damaged and you want to make a claim.


An extensive glossary of all the terms relevant to your RAC Home Insurance policy


Frequently Asked Questions about buildings insurance

Q. What do I need to provide to get a home buildings insurance quote?

It’s quick and easy to get a quote. All you need to do is provide some basic personal information as well as information about your property that includes the address, postcode, the size and type of the property, the age and the level of security. You should also let us know if you’ve had any home insurance claims in the last five years and if your property or local area has experienced subsidence in the past. 

Q. How long does it take to get a quote?

 It’s quick and easy to get a buildings insurance quote, whether that’s online or on the phone. Just provide us with enough details and we will send you a quote for your policy within minutes. This can be done online, or if you prefer to call, our phone number is 0333 070 2666.

Q. Do I need subsidence insurance?

No, not as a separate policy. Subsidence is covered as standard in RAC home buildings insurance.

However, if there has been any history of subsidence at your property or in the local area, you must tell us at quote stage. If you live in a high-risk subsidence area, based on your postcode, your policy and/or the price you pay may reflect this.  Failure to do so could result in a claim not being paid and your policy made void.

Q. How much buildings cover do I need?

We offer comprehensive buildings insurance that covers your home for the rebuild value, should your property require a complete rebuild following a claim. You will find that the cost of rebuilding is usually lower than its overall market value, this is because you won’t have to buy the land again.

The rebuild value should include the cost of any permanent fixtures or fittings, including spotlights, bathroom suites and kitchen units. For further support, the Association of British Insurers have a free calculator that helps you calculate your house rebuild cost and provides a good estimate of the value.

Q. What isn’t covered by buildings insurance?

While our cover is comprehensive there are scenarios that are not covered within the policy. These include:

  • General wear and tear 
  • Pollution
  • Damage caused by insects or vermin 
  • DIY disasters or damage that you’ve caused yourself (this can be covered by extended accidental damage cover)
  • Any loss or damage to your contents

Further details of cover and exclusions can be found in your Policy Document. 

Q. Are my garage and shed covered?

Outbuildings, including garages, sheds and greenhouses are usually covered by buildings insurance, but it's good to check when you get your quote.

Q. Is there a No Claims discount?

Like most of our insurance policies, we may offer a discount to policyholders who haven’t made a claim on their buildings insurance. However, please be aware that it’s not a certainty that you’ll receive a discount when your policy is up for renewal