Speedsters not slow with excuses

Speedsters not slow with excuses

Speeding drivers in one county have also been found quick off the mark with strange excuses - according to new police information.

Cambridgeshire Police have published a list of fairly feeble justifications given by offending motorists, in a bid to underline the importance of sensible road use.

Drivers convicted of speeding risk accruing points on their licence and a fine, as well as increased future car insurance premiums. Several motorists speeding through Cambridgeshire failed to hoodwink traffic officers with a range of unlikely excuses.

The mad mitigation includes blaming children as they looked as if they were going to spill food inside the car.

Another motorist said he was racing to return home as his dog was in labour, while one motorcyclist thought that speeding in blustery conditions made going fast safer.

One 150mph driver claimed they were speeding to get on a ferry, and one motorist travelling 7mph above a 30mph zone alleged that it was actually sufficiently slow for the village.

Perhaps most ridiculously, a young motorist blamed not wearing his seatbelt on a colour clash with his clothes.

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