Here you will find some frequently asked questions regarding RAC Travel Insurance. If your question isn’t listed here, please refer to your Policy Summary or Policy Wording documents. If you are still unable to answer your question please call our Customer Services team on 0330 159 0409**.

RAC Travel Insurance is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK PLC.

AXA is a worldwide leader in financial services, operating in 59 countries, with over 161,000 employees and 101 million customers.

Q. When will my cover start?
Your insurance cover will start from the date you have specified when purchasing your policy. This will be displayed on your RAC Travel Insurance Policy Schedule. Please make sure that you check this to ensure that it is correct.
Q. Can I buy RAC Travel Insurance if I live overseas?
No, only UK residents can purchase travel insurance from RAC.
Q. What is meant by the term UK resident?
This means that you must be living in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, be registered with a medical practitioner and continue to live there throughout the period of insurance cover.
Q. What cover choices do I have?

Orange Cover is the lowest priced policy that we offer. It will cover your medical expenses (up to £10,000,000) should you have an accident or become ill whilst abroad. It also covers in the event of cancellation or curtailment of your trip, replacing travel documents or passports, personal liability and missed departures.

Further information can be found in the Policy Wording.

Silver Cover has all the benefits of the Orange Cover but with higher benefit levels for most sections and lower excesses. Silver cover also covers for Hijacking and End Supplier Failure.

Further information can be found in the Policy Wording.

Black Cover provides insurance against everything in our Silver Cover but has increased benefits for a number of sections and lower excess payments should you need to make a claim.

Further information can be found in the Policy Wording.

Important information: Please ensure you have carefully read through the benefits and the exclusions when selecting your insurance cover. It is essential that you select the appropriate cover for your individual circumstances and type of holiday. RAC Travel Insurance cannot advise you on the cover to purchase, but we suggest that you consider the impact should you fall ill or get injured whilst abroad and also the value of your personal belongings.

The level of cover you choose (Orange, Silver or Black) will be clearly detailed in your policy documentation. This will be sent to you after purchasing your insurance.

Q. I'm going on a cruise - will your insurance cover me?

Yes, but only if you buy our cruise cover option when you choose your cover. If you choose to include our cruise cover option, you will see this detailed in your policy schedule.

As cruise holidays cover many different destinations, please ensure you’re covered for each country you’ll be visiting.

Q. What is a policy excess?
This is the amount of money you will be required to pay in the event of a claim. Please ensure you understand the different excess amounts payable on the different cover options. You will find the excess levels in the Policy Schedule and in the Policy Wording section of this website.
Q. What does exclusion mean?
An exclusion is something that is not covered under the insurance policy. As with all insurance, this policy has benefits, exclusions, and conditions. You should review the Policy Summary in full before you buy to ensure it meets your needs. For full details of the policy coverage you must refer to the Policy Wording.
Q. I’m travelling today. Can I get cover immediately?
Yes. Once you have confirmed your card details and you have completed all the steps in the process you will be covered to travel. You will see a confirmation page online and will also be sent the policy documents to the email address you entered during the application process.
Q. What do I do if I need to make a claim?

The telephone number, email address and postal address for the Claims Department can be found in your Policy Wording. Make sure you have your policy reference number when you contact the claims team.

Q. What if I need to make a claim whilst I am abroad?

You can contact our claims line on +44 (0)208 667 2464* any time while you’re away.

If you need emergency medical assistance you can call +44 (0)203 819 7176*.

Our UK-Based, English speaking staff will be on the end of the phone in case of an emergency.

Q. Do I have to take my insurance documents with me on holiday?

We suggest that you take all of your insurance documents with you when you travel in case they are needed whilst you are abroad. Alternatively, if you have internet access abroad you may be able to view your documents if you have received them by email. It is, however, sufficient to just take the important telephone numbers and your policy reference number.

Q. I am British but my partner does not have British citizenship, can we purchase a policy to cover us as a couple?
Yes, provided you are both permanently resident in the United Kingdom and registered with a medical practitioner in the United Kingdom also.
Q. I am under 18 years of age - am I able to purchase this travel insurance?
No, policyholders must be at least 18 years of age, but you can be covered under a parent’s or legal guardian’s policy as long as you are travelling with them as part of a family policy.
Q. I am over 69 - can I take out a policy?

Our policies are available for travellers up to and including the age of 85.

Our winter sports cover is available for travellers up to and including the age of 59.

Q. How can I pay for the insurance?
You can buy our insurance online through our secure payment system or over the telephone using a credit card or debit card.
Q. Can I cancel my policy after I have paid?

You are free to cancel your policy at any time. If you wish to cancel within 14 days of receipt of the policy documents, you may do so by contacting us for a full refund providing you have not travelled and no claim has been made.

If you cancel after the first 14 days of receipt of the documents, no premium refund will be made.

See General Conditions applicable to the whole policy in the policy wording for full details.

Q. Can RAC Travel Insurance cancel my cover?

If you do not comply with the Policy Conditions, RAC Travel Insurance have the right to cancel your policy or refuse to deal with any relevant claims or reduce the amount of any relevant claim payments.

See General Conditions applicable to the whole policy in the policy wording for full details.

Q. Does the travel insurance cost the same whether I purchase online or by telephone?

Yes. It is the same cost whether you purchase online or over the phone.

Q. I am going to live abroad and will not return to the United Kingdom. Can I buy an Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance policy?

RAC Travel Insurance policies do not cover single direction trips, and do not cover you if you are not a permanent resident in the UK. Trips must begin and end in the United Kingdom.

Q. I am starting my journey from another country, but returning to the United Kingdom after 28 days. Can I buy RAC Travel Insurance?
In this instance you will not be able to buy RAC Travel Insurance for your trip. Trips must begin and end in the United Kingdom.
Q. Am I covered for a skiing holiday?

Yes, but only if you buy our Winter Sports cover option when you choose your cover. If you choose to include our Winter Sports cover option, you will see this detailed in your policy schedule.

Q. What if I need to make a complaint?

If you are unhappy with any part of the service provided by RAC Travel Insurance, please contact our Customer Services team on 0330 159 0409**.

If you are not content with your final response from us and if you are still not satisfied you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service:


Financial Ombudsman Service,

Exchange Tower,


E14 9SR


0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123**



Q. Is it safe to purchase this travel insurance online?

Yes. Whenever we ask for personal information we do this within a secure environment and all details sent from you to the RAC website are encrypted. We will not pass on any of your data to third parties or for marketing emails unless you have given us permission to do so.

Q. I have a European Health Insurance Card entitling me to free/reduced cost emergency treatment. Do I need insurance?

The card (that replaced the E111 form) entitles you to state-provided health care in all European Economic Areas and Switzerland. Visit Foreign Commonwealth office  or the NHS  to find out exactly what you are covered for.

This card does not cover you for private treatment or repatriation back to the UK so it is advised that you ensure you have sufficient cover for your trip.

In addition, if you need to make a medical claim and use your EHIC then the excess stated on your Policy Schedule will be waivered in these instances.

Q. How do I know if it is safe to holiday in my chosen country?

The FCO provide up-to-date information and advice by Country and detail if it is safe to travel there. Check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website prior to travelling.

Information can be found here.

Q. Who are the FCO?
FCO stands for the Foreign Commonwealth Office. They are a government agency providing important advice and support for British nationals travelling abroad. They also list the countries that they consider unsafe to visit.
Q. What happens if I fall ill or injure myself abroad?

If you are hospitalised, require specialist treatment, test, scans or repatriating to the UK you will need to contact Emergency Medical Assistance on +44 (0)203 819 7176*.

If you need to make a claim then you will need to contact +44 (0)208 667 2464*.

Q. How are medical expenses arranged?

This depends on the type of expenses which are incurred.

Emergency medical assistance from abroad

If anyone insured under your travel policy has an illness, injury or accident requiring emergency medical treatment resulting in you needing to make a claim for costs which you think will exceed £300, you need to call our emergency medical helpline on +44 (0) 20 3 819 7176*.

Lines are open 24 hours a day, every day. Call charges from outside the UK may vary.

Outpatient Treatment

If you require outpatient treatment you must provide a copy of your policy schedule to the treating doctor /clinic at the time of treatment so that they can contact HealthWatch S.A (except for North America and the United Kingdom) to obtain authorisation for your treatment, in line with your policy. You will need to pay any excess at the time of treatment.

Travel claims which do not require immediate medical support or do not exceed £300 can be made when you return to the UK.

Q. What should I do if I require medical treatment in Australia?

If you need medical treatment in Australia, you must enrol with a local MEDICARE office. You do not need to enrol when you arrive, but you must do this after the first occasion you receive treatment. In-patient and out-patient treatment at a public hospital will then be available free of charge.

Details of how to enrol and the free treatment available can be found by visiting the MEDICARE website on www.medicareaustralia.gov.au or by emailing medicare@medicareaustralia.gov.au.

If you are admitted to hospital you should contact the Emergency Medical Assistance Service as soon as possible for any treatment not available under MEDICARE.

Information can be found here.

Q. What am I not covered for?

All the important exclusions relating to this policy will be detailed in the Policy Summary and Policy Wording and in the statements that you answer and confirm when you buy the cover.

It is recommended that you read the Policy Wording in full where you will find a list of exclusions under the section ‘What is not covered’ as well as the general exclusions. These sections must not be read in isolation, but within the context of the full Policy Wording.

If you are unsure about whether or not you are covered for something in particular you should contact our Customer Service team on 0330 159 0409**.

Q. Can I amend my policy?

If you need to amend any of your personal details e.g. name, address, telephone number, you will need to contact us to get an updated policy.

If you need to add people to the policy, increase the cover or add extra options such as winter sports cover, you will need to contact us to get a new policy.

Please call Customer Services on 0330 159 0409** to amend or update your policy.

Q. Do the limits for each policy apply per person or per policy?

Each of you are covered separately up to the limits shown in the policy schedule. The policy limits apply in the same way as they would if you had each taken separate policies.

For gadget cover, the policy limits apply per policy, except for group policies where it applies per person.

Q. I don’t know which policy to purchase: a Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip policy?

If you are only planning to travel once in a year then a Single Trip policy could be more appropriate for you. However, if you are planning to go on holiday more than once in a year then an Annual Multi-Trip policy could be more cost effective and also save you having to take out a new policy each time you travel.

You should ensure that each of the holidays you are planning will be covered by the policy you have selected.

Q. If I buy the Annual Multi-Trip policy, how many days am I covered for during the year?

Cover for trips up to 90 days each, worldwide, for travellers up to the age of 55.

Cover for trips up to 31 days each, worldwide, for travellers over the age of 56.

Cover for trips up to 62 days each, in Europe, for travellers up to the age of 65.

Cover for trips up to 31 days each, in Europe, for travellers over the age of 66.

Q. What happens if my journey home is delayed and my policy expires in that time?

If you are unable to travel home as a result of an insured peril as defined in your Policy Wording your cover will continue until you are able to return to the UK at the earliest opportunity. If your insurance has expired or is due to expire and you wish to remain on the trip no cover will be in force unless you make contact with the RAC to extend you travel insurance.

Q. What happens when I need to renew my Annual Multi-Trip policy?
We will remind you at least three weeks before your policy is due to expire and give you instructions on how to renew either by telephone or online.
Q. Am I insured for holidays in the UK?
Yes, if you have purchased an annual multi trip policy. Any trip not exceeding the maximum trip length as confirmed in your policy schedule is covered within your home area where you have pre - booked at least two nights’ accommodation in a hotel, motel, holiday camp, bed and breakfast, holiday cottage or similar accommodation which is rented for a fee.
Q. Will my policy cover business trips?

Our insurance only covers leisure trips. If you are travelling for business you will not be covered.

Q. Can children travel separately/on their own on either policy?
No. Dependants must be travelling with the parent or legal guardian who is also the Policyholder. Spouses/partners can travel independently and be covered.
Q. Will I get my fare refunded if the scheduled airline I have booked with goes bust?

You may be able to claim for the cost of your return journey on a different airline should yours go into liquidation whilst you are abroad depending on your cover level. You should read the Policy Wording to understand the terms, conditions and exclusions that apply to such cover.

If the flight is ATOL bonded you may recover your money from them.

Q. Will the travel insurance cover me for my medical condition?

Before you buy a policy, we ask you to confirm that whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions. This medical screening will take place whether you phone in to purchase your policy or whether you purchase online. Some medical conditions are not covered by us and you should complete a the medical screening questions in full to ensure that you can be covered.

RAC Travel Insurance policies will not cover you in the following circumstances:

  • Any medical conditions for which you have received a terminal prognosis.
  • Any medical conditions for which you are aware of but have not had a diagnosis.
  • Any medical conditions which you are on a waiting list for or have knowledge of the need for surgery, treatment or investigation at a hospital, clinic or nursing home.

If you are unable to find your medical condition on the list of conditions then please contact our RAC Travel Sales team on 0330 159 0410** and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

Q. What happens if my medical conditions change after I have purchased a policy?

If any of your details change then you will need to contact RAC Travel Insurance on 0330 159 0409** as soon as possible to update your policy.

If your details have changed and you travel without informing us of the changes then we may be unable to honour any claims which arise.

Q. I am pregnant - will I be covered for medical costs?

You will be covered for medical costs relating to a complicating bodily illness or injury associated with you pregnancy when travelling in accordance with your transport carriers guidelines and where your GP has provided the appropriate “fit to fly” certificate confirming you are fit to travel. This needs to be issued no earlier than five days before your trip began.

There is no cover available for medical costs associated with normal pregnancy. This policy is designed to provide cover for unforeseen events, accidents, illnesses and diseases and normal childbirth would not constitute an unforeseen event.

Q. What is meant by the term GP?
GP stands for General Physician or doctor registered or licensed to practise medicine and who is a UK resident.

Useful contact details

In the event that you need to contact us, please use the below details

RAC Helpline

+44 (0)330 159 0409**

Emergency Medical Assistance

+44 (0)203 819 7176*


+44 (0)208 667 2464*

Online Claims Registration


Gadget Claims

+44 (0)330 880 1751**

Scheduled Airline Failure/End Supplier Failure

+44 (0)208 776 3752*