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Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are to be treasured and enjoyed - and they need to be looked after. If you have a vintage car, it's important to protect your pride and joy with a Classic Car Insurance package that is tailored to meet the needs of you and your vehicle. Get an online quote for a classic car policy today.

Cover for public road rallies and trials~

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What is classic car insurance?

As owners and drivers of classic cars will know, a vintage or collector car deserves to be treated with a little extra care. These types of car may not be used regularly - these are not vehicles equipped for the daily commute to and from work, or built to rack up the miles. A classic car is a weekend treat, a luxury item for when the sun shines and life is not to be hurried.

As such, a classic car needs specialist insurance coverage to protect against any damage sustained in an accident and also against theft - an antique car is highly desirable; some models are extremely rare and expensive. It's therefore important to ensure you have the right insurance policy in place.

What is a classic car?

There are many ways of defining a classic car. Models might also be referred to as a retro car, vintage car, collectible car, antique car or simply an old car.

To obtain an RAC Classic Car Insurance quote, the car being covered on the insurance policy:

  • Must have been made before 1990, as a standard production model1
  • Must only be used as a second car - so not your main vehicle
  • Must not exceed 5,000 miles annual mileage

At the RAC, we offer insurance coverage for several different types of collectibles, antiques and classics - including American Classic Car Insurance, Classic Tractor Insurance, Classic Motorbike Insurance and Classic Military Vehicle Insurance.

Looking to value your Classic Car

If you need a valuation for your classic or vintage car, Hagerty Insurance can offer a free valuation - find out more.

Get specialist insurance for your cherished vehicle.


With free agreed value, to avoid disputes at the time of loss.


Specialist insurance cover for your classic commercial vehicle whether on or off the road.


Insurance cover that protects your tractor just as you have restored it.


Insurance cover for a range of historical military vehicles.


Specialist cover for your vintage motorcycle.

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All the information you need to amend your policy, renew your policy and make a claim.


A brand you can trust

With over one hundred years’ heritage within the automotive industry, we pride ourselves on our reputation within the classic car sector. We have teamed up with Hagerty Insurance, the UK's leading Classic Car Insurance experts, so when you buy Classic Car Insurance from RAC, you know you’re buying from experienced brands you can trust.

Classic Car insurance FAQs

Q. Which cars qualify for classic car insurance?
To qualify for a classic car policy from the RAC, your car must have been made before 1990 - so it doesn't need to be technically classed as a classic or collector car, it just needs to be a certain age. If your car was built after 1990, you can call us on 0330 159 0728 to discuss requirements.

We don't just offer insurance coverage for cars, either. We have a range of policies for several different types of older vehicles. Contact us to discuss an insurance policy for classic military vehicles, classic motorbikes, classic tractors, classic commercial vehicles and more. This even includes American classic cars if you're lucky enough to own and a drive a Cadillac.
Q. How much is classic car insurance?
The price of our policies will differ depending on several factors. You can get an indicative quote within just a few minutes. You'll need to confirm the year, make and model of the vehicle to be named on your classic car policy, as well as the vehicle's estimated value and its annual mileage. The age of the driver may also have a bearing on the price of the insurance policy.
Q. Why do you need classic car insurance?

If you have an old car, the chances are that you drive and use it differently to your main day-to-day vehicle. You'll probably drive it less frequently, record less mileage, and perhaps also give it a little extra care and attention. You may well keep a vintage car in a secure garage for the majority of the time when not being driven. All these factors mean that a standard car insurance policy could be more expensive than a classic car policy.

Antique car insurance can also provide cover for public road rallies and trials, and we can offer laid-up cover, which applies if the car is off road and being restored, stored, or rebuilt. So, if you have a collector car and plan on 'doing it up' your insurance can cover damage or theft during that time.

Q. How can I get classic car insurance?
It's quick and easy to get a quote for a classic car policy from the RAC. We work in partnership with the UK's leading classic car insurance experts, Hagerty Insurance, to provide insurance coverage for a range of older vehicles. Simply get a quote online or phone us on 0330 159 0728. Our lines are open from 9am to 5.30pm on Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 1pm on Saturday.
Q. Are modified classic cars covered?
Our vintage car insurance can cover cars that have been modified. While some insurers may refuse insurance coverage for modified cars, we can often consider and accommodate what we deem to be reasonable modifications if they're in-keeping with the style of the car. For example, we understand that many American classic cars have been modified in some way, so our American Classic Car insurance can be tailored to suit.
Q. Does classic car insurance cover specialist use?
The term classic car is a broad term that can cover several types of vehicles so we provide insurance coverage for specialist use. A good example of specialist use is ‘limited mileage’, which if taken out can reduce the cost of your insurance and make driving your pride and joy more affordable.

Talk to us about the age, make, model and intended use of the antique car or collector car you need insuring and we'll do our best to provide a competitive quote for an insurance policy that suits it perfectly.  If you have a classic tractor, classic military vehicle, classic motorbike or a modified American classic car, we can help.
Q. Can you provide breakdown cover for my classic car?
UK and European breakdown cover (including recovery) is automatically included within our Classic Car insurance policies, and available for cars, motorised caravans, vans and motorcycles.

* £86 cover based on a car club member, over 30 with no claims or convictions in the last 5 years of driving a car, built pre 1977, valued less than £2,500 doing 1,000 miles per year and stored in a private locked garage.

~ excluding speed and time trials, racing and track events.

1 In some instances we may be able to offer terms on post-1990 vehicles. Please call us on 0330 159 0728 to discuss your requirements.

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