Classic Car FAQs

Can I get immediate cover?

Yes, you can call our partners at Hagerty on 0330 159 0728 to get a quote straight away. Hagerty's team are ready and willing to help you from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm or on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm (Bank Holidays excluded).

What does agreed value mean?

This is the figure negotiated at the start of the insurance.  Each vehicle listed in your schedule is insured for an agreed value.  If your vehicle is a total loss, insurers will pay out the agreed value if you have provided a valuation certificate and supplied suitable photographs of the vehicles within 30 days from the start date of the policy.  If you have not provided this information, we will only pay the market value for the vehicle listed in the schedule or the agreed value whichever is the lesser amount.

What does market value mean?

Market value is the amount you would reasonably expect to receive if you sell your vehicle.

What is an excess?

The first amount of a claim that your insurers will not pay. This can consist of up to three amounts:

  • A voluntary excess for which you receive a premium reduction;
  • A compulsory excess that the insurer imposes; and
  • A young or inexperienced driver excess.

An excess is usually deducted from the payment for repairs to, or loss of, your vehicle. Regardless of blame you are responsible for the excess. If an accident is not your fault and there is an identified responsible person, you can usually recover your excess and other uninsured losses from that person.

Legal protection insurance that covers the cost of recovering your excess and other uninsured losses from the responsible person, or their insurers, is available with every policy.

What is a total loss?

A vehicle is considered to be a total loss following an incident (accident, fire or theft damage) if:

  • It is impossible to repair
  • It isn't safe to repair
  • It is beyond economical repair. That is, if the cost of repair exceeds the pre-accident value of your vehicle
  • If the vehicle is a total loss and you are purchasing it on finance, we will settle the finance first and pay the balance to you

Do you insure vehicles for use off road?

We cover vehicles whilst being used for 'Green Laning' as this is on land to which the public have access and falls under the Road Traffic Act. We do not cover vehicles for 'off roading' as this is on private land and does not fall under the Road Traffic Act. We can also cover while they are ‘laid up’ and off the road. This may be because they are undergoing restoration or are vehicles that aren’t registered for the road.