Universal spare wheel keeps you on the road

We rolled out the RAC universal spare wheel to all patrol vans in 2014 in response to the number of new cars being sold without a spare wheel. To date they have been used more than one million times to help get our members back on the road and avoid the need for recovery.

Patrol man fitting the universal spare wheelIn 2018 our patrols dealt with almost 200,000 ‘puncture no spare’ breakdowns – an increase of 84% on 2012.

Once fitted, the member can complete their journey or drive to a local approved tyre specialist to get a repair or replacement. Then the member simply leaves the universal spare wheel at the tyre specialist for us to collect later.

A simple solution to a modern problem which saves drivers time and inconvenience.

Close up of the universal spare wheel being fitted image


An RAC first: All of our patrols carry a five-stud universal spare wheel and many also have a four-stud too – to fit 99% of cars