Rescue. Repair. Recover.
All from one orange patrol van

Always investing and innovating to help our members

We are constantly investing in new technology and training for our patrols to ensure our members continue to receive a superior service at the roadside. 


Here are some examples of how we go further to help drivers.

Fixing more faults: an advanced fault diagnostics capability

As cars have become more advanced, working out what is wrong with them becomes increasingly complex. This is why we give all our patrols tough book laptops that allow them to fix more of our members’ vehicles at the roadside as quickly as possible.

The capability complements the 500-plus parts and tools each patrol van carries, and means that every RAC patrol can diagnose more faults and carry out repairs by programming new parts while a member is present. This reduces the need for a visit to the garage in the event of a breakdown.

Reducing future breakdowns: class-leading battery testing

Failing batteries are responsible for a large number of breakdowns – and a lot of lost time for our members. Sometimes a jump-start is the right thing, but what if the underlying health of a battery is failing?

This is where our class-leading battery tester comes in. It not only checks a battery’s ability to start a vehicle, it also assesses the longer-term endurance of the battery and advises when a replacement is needed. This helps prevent members having to call us out again when their vehicle won’t start for a second time.


No spare wheel? No problem: The UK’s first multi-fit wheel

A majority of cars being sold today come without a spare wheel included as standard. This is often a surprise to motorists who look for it when their vehicle gets a puncture. The RAC was the first organisation to give all its patrols a multi-fit spare wheel specifically designed to tackle this problem and help prevent our members from being caught out.


The UK’s first ‘All-Wheels-Up’ new generation rapid recovery trailer 

The RAC was the first UK breakdown service to equip all its vans with a built-in trailer, allowing its patrols to tow many vehicles in the event a roadside fix was impossible.

We’ve now evolved the system and have launched what we believe is a UK-first – a new generation trailer that can lift all the wheels of a broken-down vehicle. It means RAC patrols can recover more vehicles than ever – including SUVs, 4x4s, and electric and hybrid vehicles, reducing the need for our members to have to wait for a recovery truck. Take a look at our 'All Wheels Up' video to see the rapid recovery trailer in action.

Recruiting additional patrols

To meet the increasing demand for roadside assistance we are recruiting extra patrols.  We are currently looking to recruit 60 elite vehicle technicians to join our existing 1,600-strong UK patrol force supporting more than eight million roadside assistance members. Mechanics should have a minimum of a level two light vehicle qualification from IMI, NVQ or City and Guilds and at least three years' workshop experience. But most important is a passion for providing great service, putting customers first and going above and beyond for the RAC’s members.

RAC chief operations director James Knight said: “For today’s roadside technicians it’s all about utilising your technical know-how and IT skills to diagnose and repair our members’ vehicles and mixing that with an extremely strong customer service ethic. Our patrols are passionate about helping our members get back on the road as swiftly as possible with a permanent repair. They are proud to be a part of 'team orange' and benefit from our exceptional technical knowledge and our focus on innovation which means we can keep fixing even today's most advanced vehicles at the roadside.”


Enhancing communications with our members

The RAC is committed to continually improving every element of the service we provide to our members. We have launched some significant advances to speed up service at the roadside, but we are also constantly looking at ways to improve the way we communicate to keep our members informed and reassured that they can trust us to get them back on the road as soon as possible or recovered to a suitable destination. 

Our patrols rescue millions of customers every year and while the vast majority receive excellent service, sometimes issues occur beyond our control. That’s why we are investing in our customer contact and customer care teams to ensure we resolve problems swiftly and to our members’ satisfaction. 

In light of some of the extreme weather conditions we have experienced in recent years which can have a significant impact on how many breakdowns we deal with, we have introduced a specialist team to manage and resolve such incidents in real-time. 


Rescue. Repair. Recover.
All from one orange patrol van


Rescue. Repair. Recover.
All from one orange patrol van