RAC 'black box' telematics and connected services

The RAC is a leader in the use of ‘black box’ and ‘connected car’ technology and has installed tens of thousands of telematics units in vehicles since 2013.


Telematics box image

Our telematics team works primarily with business fleets and commercial operators, from small enterprises to multi-national companies operating fleets of 5,000-plus vehicles, helping them to maximise fleet efficiencies, cost-savings and improve driver behaviour. 

We have fitted thousands of units for RAC Black Box insurance customers who are new and young drivers looking to reduce their insurance costs. We have also installed more than 30,000 units on behalf of our insurer partners allowing their customers to benefit from lower premiums as a result.

Our expert teams are also able to leverage the wealth of ‘connected’ data generated by modern vehicles to benefit fleets in a wide range of applications including: safety, compliance, uptime, accident management and productivity. 


The RAC is a leader in vehicle fault analysis and developing telematics solutions