Heavy Duty 4x4 patrol van

Building on the enhanced capability of the All-Wheels-Up recovery system we have introduced specialist patrol vans which can recover the very biggest 4x4s, SUVs and EVs on the road today and even commercial vans, avoiding the need to call out an additional flatbed recovery vehicle.

Heavy Duty 4x4 Patrol van image

This vehicle has the muscle to recover vehicles of up to 2.8 tonnes and the 4x4 capability to cope with the worst weather conditions the UK experiences.

Our technical team worked with Isuzu to adapt their award-winning D-Max with its colossal torque to accommodate our standard patrol kit of 500 parts and tools, together with the RAC's All-Wheels-Up recovery system.

While the vehicle is suitable for operating off-road, we are expecting it to be deployed to recover larger SUVs and 4x4s that run into trouble in towns and cities.


Exclusive to the RAC: In 2019 we will add 50 Heavy Duty 4x4 patrol vans to our fleet