Comprehensive breakdown battery testing

Flat battery? We can give it a full health check

Comprehensive breakdown battery testing

Our patrols are all equipped with a state-of-the-art battery tester which enables them to carry out full roadside diagnostic checks on the health of a vehicle’s battery and starting system

Breakdowns involving batteries are the number-one cause of RAC call-outs with patrols attending more than half a million in 2019. The nature of these breakdowns is becoming increasingly complex due to advances in technology and the increased demand on batteries from modern vehicles.

Previously, some drivers also have the frustration of suffering a repeat breakdown where a tired battery would respond to a jump start or recharge, but then fail again within days.

To tackle this issue we developed the most advanced roadside battery tester which enables our patrols to assess the true health of a battery and therefore its capacity to start the vehicle immediately, and over the coming days and weeks. This kit has helped more drivers avoid repeat breakdowns and, as it also checks the starting and charging system, our patrols are able to identify more faults which impact battery performance.

RAC Universal Spare Wheel and battery tester

Exclusive to the RAC: Every patrol is equipped with our new comprehensive battery tester