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With vehicle-based membership, you can register up to 3 vehicles* (named by registration number) with us and we provide breakdown cover for any authorised driver who has a breakdown in one of those vehicles.

Personal-based membership covers you as the driver or passenger in any eligible vehicle. Therefore if you're in a vehicle when it breaks down, you can call RAC for assistance even if you're not driving it at the time.

* Non-commercial vehicles only, excluding certain vehicle types.

Q. Do all vehicles or members of joint / family breakdown cover have to be based at the same address?

Yes, our levels of cover are intended to cover you and in the case of joint/family membership your household. Therefore, all people covered by the policy must live at the registered policy address. All vehicles listed on the membership must be registered at the membership address too.

Q. Can I cover my partner / friend / family member?

Our personal-based breakdown cover products are available to individual members, joint memberships and family groups.

  • Individual membership covers you only as a driver or a passenger in any vehicle.
  • Joint membership covers you and one other named members of your household as a driver or a passenger in any vehicle.
  • Family membership covers you and up to four other named members of your household as a driver or a passenger in any vehicle.
Q. Can I join if I've already broken down?

If you've broken down already and you're not a member of the RAC, we can still help you. Simply call 0333 202 1857 to speak to an advisor. You'll be able to join and get Roadside Cover immediately. Prices will differ from those shown online. Included in this fee is an emergency call-out charge which covers you for assistance at the roadside or at home on the day you call.

If we can't get you going again we'll give you a tow of up to 10 miles to either an address of your choosing or a local garage.

Q. Can I get short-term breakdown cover for days / week(s)?

All RAC Membership prices quoted are for a 12-month period. We do not offer short-term cover for one-off/short journeys. We believe this offers the best value for money for our customers.

Q. How far will you tow my car?

If you have Roadside cover only and we are not able to fix your car at the roadside, we'll give you a tow for up to 10 miles to a local garage or an address of your choice (further tows are subject to a surcharge).

If you have a Recovery option and we cannot fix your vehicle at the roadside, we'll transport your vehicle, you and up to seven others to your destination of choice anywhere in the UK. Please note, if you have our At Home cover, break down at your home address and need to be towed, even if you have Recovery, we will tow you up to a maximum of 10 miles.

Q. When will my cover start if I buy today?

As long as you have not already broken down, you will be covered from the moment payment is accepted. For the first 24 hours, we can offer you Roadside cover only. After 24 hours, full cover will commence according to the membership chosen excluding some of our breakdown extras, if you have purchased them.

Q. Can I get RAC Breakdown Cover using Tesco Clubcard vouchers?

You can use your Tesco Clubcard deal vouchers to pay for RAC UK breakdown cover. Although we do not offer this facility via our website, you can order membership via the Tesco Clubcard website

Once registered on the site, you can trade in your vouchers to pay in full for the following levels of cover:

  • Roadside
  • Roadside, Recovery
  • Roadside, Recovery, At Home
  • Roadside, Recovery, Onward Travel
  • Roadside, Recovery, At Home, Onward Travel

All cover levels can be purchased on either a single, joint or family basis, and remember - your Clubcard deal vouchers are worth up to 4x their face value when purchasing RAC UK Breakdown cover.

Once you have purchased, you will be sent a membership form to complete and send to RAC. Once we have received your form we will set up your chosen membership to commence on a date chosen by you and send you your welcome pack and membership card(s).

RAC contact options

It’s often quicker to get the help you need online. To see all the latest help and information regarding your breakdown membership you can visit our Member query pages:

Contact us

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0330 159 0740

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Membership Team

0330 159 0739

Mon-Fri 8am to 7pm, Sat 9am to 5pm, Bank holidays 9am to 5pm.

Sales Team

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