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Sorry but we’re not always able to respond to individual renewal pricing enquiries via email as it is likely we will need to ask a number of specific questions relating to you and your motoring needs to ensure that your renewal quote is right for you. We also want to make sure for Data Protection reasons we’re speaking to the lead member – the only person who we are allowed to disclose information to. One quick call to our helpful Membership team on 0330 159 1111 is all it should take to resolve any pricing related queries you may have.

Q. Why has my renewal price increased?

We review our prices each year and determine a member’s price based on many different factors including payment plan, cover basis, level of usage and other external factors such as inflation and petrol price increases. Your price can be affected if you change your level of cover during the year or as you progress through the course of your membership you may begin to lose the benefit of any introductory discount(s). The different factors determine an individual member’s price. So you may have seen an increase in your renewal price from last year.

Our prices reflect the high level of service we pride ourselves on and include:

  1. RAC Patrols repair 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside
  2. RAC Vans carry over 500 parts and tools to get you going again
  3. As Britain’s most experienced provider we've been championing motorists for over 120 years
  4. All roadside labour and fitting costs are included in your membership, so there are no nasty surprises
  5. At the RAC, 4 out of 5 customers who experienced a breakdown would recommend our service to family and friends. 

Our prices do go down as well as up. We have an active programme of loyalty-based discounts and rewards based on the length of membership and how frequently you have had to use our breakdown cover service. We always welcome the opportunity to review your membership. So, if you ring our Membership team on 0330 159 1111, they will happily discuss your cover level to ensure it is right for your needs and we can then ensure the cost of cover is affordable.

Q. My renewal price is much higher than what is quoted on the website?

When members join the RAC as a new member we sometimes offer a special introductory price, like the one you might have seen on the RAC website. When we do offer a special introductory price this is typically valid for the first 12 months of membership. Like many other companies we use special introductory prices as a competitive price to bring new members to the RAC. These prices are typically available when you first join. You may well have received a new membership price when you joined.

However we always welcome the opportunity to review your membership. So please call us on 0330 159 1111 and a member of the team will then check the cover level is right for your needs and we can ensure the cost of cover is affordable.

Q. How do I get my cashback?

Cashback websites operate a cashback scheme when purchasing RAC cover, however, the cashback you are entitled to is paid by them directly.

Please note that we do not actively get involved with any cashback schemes that other companies offer. You will need to contact them directly with regard to your cashback query.

Please be aware that fulfilment of offers via these types of site will not take place until the cooling off period with us has passed, to prevent customers obtaining the cashback when no longer eligible

Q. How much is RAC Breakdown Cover?

The cost depends on the type and level of cover you choose. To review our UK breakdown cover prices you can go to our UK Breakdown Cover page and if you're looking for European Breakdown Cover (single trip or annual), please get a quick quote on our European Breakdown Cover page.

Q. How much does it cost if I'm not a member?

If you've broken down already and you're not a member of RAC, we can still help you. However, you will be charged a fee for this service. Simply call 0330 159 1111 to speak to an advisor, quoting WJ0003. You'll  become an RAC member and get assistance on the same day. Included in the fee you'll pay is an emergency call-out charge which covers you for assistance at the roadside or at home for that day and a 12 month PAYG membership.

Q. Can I pay monthly?

You can pay for your breakdown cover on a monthly basis, either on a flexible rolling basis or on a fixed plan. We’ll keep in touch to remind you about your cover and to let you know of any changes.

Please note that your first two monthly payments may be taken in the same month, depending on how long it takes to set up a direct debit instruction with your bank.

Q. Can I pay by American Express?

We apologise for any inconvenience but we no longer accept payment by American Express.

Q. Do you price match?

We regularly review market conditions including the price of equivalent breakdown cover with our main competitors. When comparing prices, we check to see what is covered and on what basis, for example is the price just to cover the vehicle or person-based cover?

Q. How long does it take for you to issue / action my direct debit request?

Please note it can take us 17 days to action a direct debit.

Q. Can I change my collection date on a flexible monthly plan to one I prefer / more convenient?

Preferred collection dates are available to be selected when you take out your monthly continuous policy, and at your subsequent renewals. Please call us on 0330 159 1111 to find out more and discuss other payment options.

Q. Can someone else pay for my membership?

We do allow a third party to pay for your membership but only on a single annual basis - Please call us on 0330 159 1111

Q. Can I change my card / payment details?

Yes you can easily change your card/payment details with us by calling our Member Services team who will happily update your details for you. You can call them on 0330 159 1111.

RAC contact options

It’s often quicker to get the help you need online. To see all the latest help and information regarding your breakdown membership you can visit our Member query pages:

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Breakdown cover from just £7.95 a month

  • Roadside Assistance included with all cover levels
  • Our patrols fix 4 out of 5 on the spot – with repairs done in 30 minutes on average
  • We won't charge you a penny for roadside labour and fitting