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Tesco Clubcard

The NEW Tesco Clubcard offer is now more flexible, if you don’t have enough vouchers for the cover you’d like, you can top up with a debit or credit card. If you’ve already received your RAC voucher code from Tesco you can click below to complete your purchase.

How many vouchers do I need?

Use the table below to see how many Clubcard vouchers you’ll need for the cover you’d like to purchase

Exchange your vouchers

Visit Tesco Clubcard to exchange your vouchers and get your RAC voucher code

Buy your cover

When you’ve received your RAC voucher code from Tesco, choose if you’re a new or existing RAC customer below to complete your purchase

If you have any questions about the RAC Tesco Clubcard offer, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions or call 0330 159 8592.

Please read our Insurance Product Information Document for more information about our breakdown cover.

How many people do you want to cover?

  RAC price How many Clubcard vouchers you need

* If you’re an existing customer, the following products have different names in your renewal schedule:

Recovery = National Recovery, Onward Travel = Replacement Hire Car, Single cover = 1 person, Joint cover = 2 people, Family cover = 3 or more people

Roadside, National Recovery, At Home & Onward Travel* £154 £51.50
Roadside, National Recovery & Onward Travel* £134 £45
Roadside, National Recovery & At Home* £134 £45
Roadside & National Recovery* £119 £40
Roadside & At Home £119 £40
Roadside Rescue £59 £20

Don't have enough vouchers?

If you don’t have enough Clubcard vouchers, or want to use them for something else, you can use vouchers to pay for part of your cover and top up the rest with a debit or credit card.

Remember, your Clubcard vouchers are still worth 3x as much.

Roadside Rescue
£15 Clubcard vouchers
£45 RAC discount
Left to pay by card

Exchanged your Clubcard vouchers?

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RAC Terms and Conditions

Clubcard points can be exchanged for a voucher code to be entered at the point of purchase for a discount on personal based breakdown cover and Breakdown Extras.

How it works

1. Log on to the Tesco Clubcard site [https://secure.tesco.com/clubcard/boost/rac-breakdown-cover/UK-009599.prd] to exchange your Clubcard points for a voucher code.
2. The voucher code will be sent to the email address registered on your Clubcard account together with a link. You MUST follow the correct link. If you don’t, for example, you are renewing your membership but follow the link for a new customer, and set up a new membership, you may be charged twice.
3. The voucher code can only be used by following this link and will be valid for 6 months from the date of receipt.  After this time the code will expire.
4. Select the breakdown options you’d like and enter the voucher code when prompted. This will apply your discount. You will need to pay any balance by credit/debit card. We’ll use your card details for this transaction only and will not use these to automatically renew your policy. 

Things you need to know

5. We’ll send the lead member details of your renewal, including payment options, prior to the renewal date.
6. Once you have redeemed your points for a voucher code, the RAC is unable to re-credit your Tesco Clubcard account. Please see the Tesco Clubcard standard terms and conditions for details of the refund policy.
7. If the RAC policy is cancelled within the first 14 days following the start date or the date you receive your RAC Breakdown Cover Terms and Conditions, whichever is later, we will refund the premium paid to us, in full, unless you have made a claim within this period. Your Clubcard points will also be credited to your Clubcard account. If a claim has been made during this period or you cancel outside the first 14 days as described above no refund will be given.
8. The voucher code cannot be used with any other RAC promotion.


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