Policy Requirements

RAC Learner Driver Insurance provides cover for learner drivers who want to practice in their own car, or in one they have borrowed. Our policy will cover you up until you’ve passed your test; all you need is a UK provisional driving licence and the supervision of a qualified driver.

Our policies start from just 1 day up to 5 months (a maximum of 140 days). All our policies are comprehensive, meaning they cover you as well as your liability to third parties and property.

What’s more, if you are borrowing a car, the No Claims Discount (NCD) on the owner’s annual insurance policy is protected. So, that’s great news for the owner of the car!

It’s important to remember:

You must be accompanied by a driver aged between 25 and 75, who has held a full UK driving licence for at least 3 years. You are not covered to drive between midnight and 6am, unless you are using your own car (you must be the registered owner).

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Important Policy Documentation

RAC Learner Driver Insurance – Policy Wording

Significant and unusual exclusions, conditions or limitations

Please refer to your policy document for full details but the most significant or unusual exclusions are outlined below. Your policy excludes or limits the following:

  • A compulsory policy excess of £250 applies to each and every claim
  • If the policyholder is not the registered keeper of the car, then there is no cover for loss or damage which occurs between 00:00 and 06:00 hours.
  • There is no cover under this policy unless the policyholder is being accompanied by a qualified driver who is aged between 25 and 75 and holds a full UK driving licence and has done so for at least 3 years
  • No cover exists under this policy unless the vehicle is also insured under a separate annual insurance policy if you are using a borrowed car
  • All cover under this policy ceases as soon as the policyholder passes their Driving Test to obtain a Full Driving Licence
  • There is no foreign use cover under this policy
  • There is no courtesy car provision under this policy
  • There is no driving other cars cover under this policy
  • No cover is provided to secure the release of a seized vehicle
  • No cover is provided for theft while the ignition keys have been left in or the vehicle has been left unattended with the engine running
  • No cover is provided for wear and tear, loss of use, deterioration, depreciation, any loss or damage which happens gradually, or mechanical, electrical, or computer breakdowns, failures or breakages
  • No cover is provided for damage caused by an inappropriate type of fuel being used
  • Cover does not apply if the car is being used for any purpose that the Certificate of Insurance does not permit
  • Cover does not apply if the car is in an unsafe, unroadworthy or damaged condition, or where the car does not have a valid Department of Transport test certificate (MOT), or if driven whilst declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)


  • We will not pay for any accident, injury, loss or damage that occurs while your car is being used for a purpose not shown under the "Description of use" section of your certificate of insurance or while it is being driven by any person not described in your certificate of insurance as entitled to drive.
  • If at the time of any claim arising under this policy there is any other insurance policy covering the same loss, damage or liability, we will only pay our share of the claim.
  • Inappropriate use (see General exceptions in the above policy document)
  • Other insurance (see General Conditions in the above policy document)

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